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What students are saying about Bobbi Lane and her courses:

Portraits Unplugged

Posing & Directing

Bobbi Lane Thank you for a fabulous class! I was so out of my comfort zone but your critiques are incredibly positive and kind, even if my photos were SO beginner. Thank you for that! I learned way more than I could consume in 4 weeks and this is material I will be working on for a long time. Many thanks!

-Pat Powers

“This course has been like surfing. I had very good and exiting time during these four weeks. If you don’t know and you don’t ask, you don’t know. Bobbi, thanks for all of your answers. This forum was active because of you personally. Most of all I did like the honest and encouraging answers. I am sure, it is not an easy business. I will tell my friends about this course. ”

-Ilkka Metsälä

“Once again, thanks a million for all your help, tips, answers, critiques and excellent sence of humor.
This one has been by far, the BEST course I have ever had !!! Thank you … thank you … thank you !!!”

-Pablo Gomez

“Just a few words about this course: it was great, a real eye-opener! I really learned a lot and thanks for all the constructive critiques and additional advice and tips. This has been the best course so far.”

-Sarah de Jong

“Would anyone else LOVE a follow-up to this course? I know I would, so I am e-mailing the school to communicate my overjoyedness with this class. Please join me if it’s something you’d be interested in taking, too.

I can’t even LOOK at my photos prior to this course without cringing from the bad lighting, harsh sun, bad shadows, etc. And I thought they were really cute at the time! lol. Furthermore, I can hardly look at other photographers’ sites (or my co-workers’ pro photos on their desks) without laughing at how much those photographers desparately need to enroll in this course before charging people! Thanks, again, Bobbi. ”

-Ann Steward

“My reason for taking this class was to improve my candid photos of my family, as well as people I meet on my travels. I gained so much knowledge in these past four weeks, and although I know it will take me a while to process it all, I see the difference already. I am becoming much more aware of the light, instead of the location, and I like the results. Thank you so much for sharing your talents and expertise. I loved the class! ”

-Carolyn Leyboldt

“Thank you for a Great Class, I have learned so much from your class and the previous class I took “understanding exposure” with Chris and Bryan…not only can I see, but my family and friends also notice an incredible difference in my photography since I have taken these two classes. Well worth every penny spent. I will most definatly be taking more classes in the near future. Thanks again Bobbi and Happy Holidays! ”

-Char Harmier

Bobbi — I have learned so much over the past few weeks …portrait photography was ‘something’ that I was never comfortable with, but now I feel that I have learned quite a few new techniques & have a better understanding of ‘seeing the light’. Thank you for an awesome class!

-Elise Wolf

Thank you, Bobbi! You were right about starting to “see the light” everywhere. I was watching a movie last night and caught myself thinking ” what a beautiful Rembrandt light on that face”!

I favor shooting in available light, and this class has helped immensely. Once again, thank you.

-Pat Buscher

Bobbi, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your insightful advice. I have to be honest and tell you that I didn’t think that I was going to make use of this class. Quite the contrary! I have learned so much and it has helped me to “see the light” like never before. I will continue to post my last few shots. Thank you, thank you!

-Sara Wilson

I really want to thank you for an amazing class! It was really challenging and I learned so much. Your critiques are honest yet positive and encouraging. I feel like I can put what I learned to good use, it’s really great to know what to do when faced with many different lighting situations! If you ever decide to teach other classes at BPSOP I would be glad to sign up. Thanks again! I also enjoyed reading all the Q & A from everyone in the class – thanks for such great comments everyone and I look forward to seeing you in future classes.

-Katie Best

Thank you so much, Bobbi. I loved this course! The information was easy to understand and sooooo enlightening *smile* I’ve always wanted to be able to ‘read’ light and your course has given me a great beginning.

-Michelle Bekkering

Bobbi, Thank you so much for your advice and kind critiques. The class has given me so much more confidence to take photos of people subjects (instead of inanimate ones!). I have found your class to be brimming with information and only wish it was a bit longer for me to practice some of your ideas.

Thanks as well to my classmates. It was so inspiring to see what your ideas were.

-Sherri Geer

Thank you so much for your advice and kind critiques. The class has given me so much more confidence to take photos of people subjects (instead of inanimate ones!). I have found your class to be brimming with information and only wish it was a bit longer for me to practice some of your ideas. Thanks as well to my classmates. It was so inspiring to see what your ideas were.

-Rebbeca Ott

Second that Rebecca! When I checked the first lesson, I thought what? Lighting patterns. NEVER thought about it or knew what to look at or how to look at light. Bobbi, you are right…I cannot view a film or look at images the same way again. PU 2! Think about it!

-Heemskerk-Hefley, Pamela

I just take this opportunity to say ‘Thank You’ and express my gratitude for the guidance you have given. Your notes are very clear and I can relate the context to the sample photos easily. You have opened my eyes to various possibilities. I wish you all the best in your endeavors. Thank you.

-Huck Lee Beh

What a great experience! Before this class is over I wanted to let all of you know how much I have appreciated seeing your work and reading your opinions. Bobbi, you have been a great instructor. I wasn’t sure how an online coarse was going to be but you have made it interesting. I have learned and I am inspired.

-Sheri Kaser

I’ve really enjoyed the class too Bobbi. I’m learning to see light now, and love a few of the techniques such as porch lighting and low-key. I feel that I still have a ton to learn, but this course has been great to get going! See you again at ppsop!

-Jane Starr

I just wanted to say a massive thank you even though I have been MIA for quite a few weeks, I have been busy shooting -2 weddings, a family shoot and a kids 4th Birthday as well as the fun stuff at home. I have seen an incredible shift in the consistency of my work and all because I am utilising light much more effectively. The lighting patterns and reflector usage has opened my eyes literally, as well as all the extra tips with regards to metering etc.

Thanks also to everyone on the course, what a fantastic and proactive bunch it’s been amazing watching everyone improve.

Bobbi, you are a fantastic and generous mentor who has given me so much in such a short time..I think I may be purchasing your DVD for reference!

All the Best to everyone and continue to follow your passions

-Chryssy R Adamson

This class is totally changing the way I approach my photography and I feel it has helped me increase my confidence in working with people and directing them. I have a much better idea of what I’m looking for and why. Thanks Bobbi!

-Kevin Henegar

Dittos! Thanks Bobbi for all the great information and critiques.

-Pamela Heyart

This class has changed my eye for seeing the light and I would recommened this class to everyone. Thanks Bobbi!!!!

-Kimberly Haug

Thank you Bobbi for the clear explanations and the encouragments! I will be studying again in depth your course and your comments during the coming weeks (and months…) because I know I will grab more tips and techniques…

-Claudine Aumeeruddy

A big thanks from me too Bobbi – I have gained a lot from the course and your feedback. Sorry I wasnt able to get out and shoot for the last assignment but I have been bedridden with the flu. On the mend now thankfully!!

-Alana Stewart

Thanks too…I had a tough go with the course, but did learn a lot…I know that I look at light differently now and I see the differences…I now just have to learn to fine tune it and I know that I will keep up the practice to keep getting better. Thanks for your patience.

I really enjoyed my classmates too…thanks for your comments and encouragement…I really was needing it there sometimes. Everyone keep up the great work and enjoy what is left of the summer and get healthy!

-Carmen Cook

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