Week 1 – Photo Critiques

Thank you to all of the participants in our first week of offering our free online photo critiques!!

This week we are featuring critiques from our BPSOP instructors, Bryan F. Peterson & Kathleen Clemons. Let’s take a look at what they have to say. (And listen closely to see the possible differences of opinion!)

If you would like to have a chance at getting YOUR photo critiqued please submit an image to us at http://bpsop.com/photo-review-contest/ 

Bryan Peterson Photo Critique: 

Kathleen Clemons Photo Critique:


Photos Critiqued

"Day's End" - by: Gary Kohn

“Day’s End” – by: Gary Kohn

"Love is in the Air" - by: Bean Darlene

“Love is in the Air” – by: Bean Darlene

“Lone Cabin” – by: Cary St Onge

 "Lines" - by: Nina Kling

“Lines” – by: Nina Kling

"Killer Whale Beach Attack" - by: Bill Klipp

“Killer Whale Beach Attack” – by: Bill Klipp

Bryan Teaches:

Understanding Exposure & Your DSLR

The Art of Seeing

Mastering Nikon Flash Photography


Kathleen Teaches:

Fine Art Nature Photography

Fine Art Nature Photography 2

Fine Art Nature Photography 3

Capturing the Beauty of Flowers

Lensbaby Magic

Breaking the Rules of Photography

Adding Texture for Effect

One place I recently visited was Cuba – over in the Eastern part of the island we found this chocolate factory, opening in 1963 by Ernesto Che Guevara himself so I thought I’d try to add a bit of texture and history to an otherwise straight forward tourist style shot of the sign. Unfortunately we were not allowed in to view production (and test the product) so a bit of Photoshopping had to suffice.  
chocolate 1
chocolate 2
Watch the video to see how it was done…


– BPSOP Instructor Robin Nichols

Robin Teaches: 

DSLR Video Essentials

The Complete Guide to Photoshop Elements 


Making a Kids Kaleidoscope Image

This is a standard exercise I give to all Photoshop and Elements students because it’s a bit of fun to do, often produces outstanding results and helps explain how layers work.


– BPSOP Instructor Robin Nichols

Robin Teaches:

The Complete Guide to Adobe Photoshop Elements 

DSLR Video Magic: An Introduction to shooting, editing & producing your own videos

Creating Spooky Hand Photos!

Have you ever come across a location where you KNOW there is a photo opportunity? How about making it a spooky opportunity. Learn what Bryan has to say about  about taking a unique opportunity and adding some spooky hands to it.

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  • I've been a photographer for over 20 years, and thought I knew all the basics...along with some of the extras. However, over the past few months I've learned, through Stretching Your Frame of Mind, and the wonderful instructor, Joe Baraban....that all these years I've been taking pictures rather than "making" pictures. Through Joe's expert, involved, in-depth instruction, I've learned that there's always more to see than meets the eye! Every lesson is thorough and complete. And, as a bonus, Joe always sends along extra material so that you have a total understanding of the lesson at hand. He is totally accessible and responsive. His critiques leave nothing left to the imagination...and if you don't understand something, he is available through his personal email to clarify or answer any question you might have. I am currently taking Part II for the second time, and will most likely repeat it again and again. Every time I now pick up my camera to shoot something I see, Joe's words are in my head, and almost instantly I see something I missed the first time. The title of this course is exactly on target. At the end, you will definitely know how to stretch your frame mind and take your photographic skills up to a higher level. If I had to sum up the course and Joe Baraban in one word it would be"extraordinary". Read More
    Cathy Shotz Stretching Your Frame of Mind
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