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    David Tarr

    Hi Bobbi, When is our first assignment due? I’ve poked around, but couldn’t find a date. Thanks! -Dave

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    Bobbi Lane

    Hi, David! The normal way, or old way of assignment dates is the week after the Sunday following the lesson. So Lesson 1 is Sept. 7 and that assignment is due Sept. 16. The instructor should do the critiques by Wed. after posting. However, I’m glad you wrote because I’m leading a photo tour to Iceland and I’ll be gone from Sept. 19 until Oct. 1. I will be happy to do critiques now if you have shot the first assignment. I’m not sure how often I will have internet while in Iceland but I should have it at least every couple of days. I’ll do the critiques as often as I can! Thanks for writing in, Dave!

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    David Tarr

    Thanks, Bobbi. Iceland! That sounds like great fun. The first assignment is pretty straight forward, I’ll post shots when I can. Good luck and I hope you have great weather in Iceland!

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    Hi Bobbi! I’m afraid that I have been tardy in submitting my assignments. We have had house guests back-to-back (and another arriving this week; but I will catch up as soon as I can, if that’s ok?

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