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    Ann Fitzsimmons

    Bobbi, I hope I might have a couple of extra days on this lesson. I’ve just arrived on vacation with family members, and I expected that I could round up these potential models more quickly than has actually happened. My apologies, and please let me know if this is a problem.

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    Bobbi Lane

    Hi, Ann, no problem! Post images when you can!

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    Ann Fitzsimmons

    Well, the couple of days turned into way more than I anticipated, and I’m afraid this is going to sound like a series of ‘the dog ate of homework’ excuses…so please accept my apologies!
    Lesson 2 got off to a bad start. After rounding up my models and forcing them to sit thru sessions with hungry children, I discovered afterward that my camera settings were off and shutter speeds were way too slow. I will post one picture that shows what a disaster it was when I tried to get my crowd to model again. I then felt so badly about lesson 2 that I dawdled over lesson 3 – and then our vacation was cut slightly short because tornadoes hit our hometown (Hickory NC) on Monday, leaving 2 large trees on my house, no power and no internet for several days.

    So, I am posting what I do have – and again my apologies for all of this! I do think your lessons are very well done – there’s a lot of good information in them that I am sure I will return to when things settle down!

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