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    Curt Meinecke

    Hello! I am Curt Meinecke and I am just finishing “Understanding Close Up Photography” and jumping right into “Portraits Unplugged”. I am a hobby photographer who enjoys taking all types and styles of photography and I am looking forward to learning how to take better portraits using natural light.
    It has already happened to me, after learning the 4 lighting patterns, that when I watch TV, or se print ads, I am automatically analyzing which one of the four lighting types it is!
    I look forward to seeing your pictures.

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    Hi I’m Merrill and I am just finishing up Pet Photography of which I learned very much. I want to start a Pet Photography business but I learned from the other class that I really need to learn to see light better and very quickly as I will need to do this taking pictures of dogs. I am a lover of natural light as opposed to flash but I have a difficult time getting one of the four lighting types fairly quickly and accurately so I am looking forward to honing in on those skills. I also look forward to seeing everyones photos…

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    Bobbi Lane

    Hi, great to meet you both! This is a terrific class and hope you have the chance to shoot a lot!

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