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    Bob Burns

    Hi, Bobbi.

    My name is Bob Burns, and I am from Dalton, Ga.

    I have been doing photography for 14 years, starting off with flower photography, then moving into landscape and nature photography.

    Two years ago, when my granddaughter was born, I suddenly became interested in portrait photography. At first, I simply wanted to document my daughter and her family as my granddaughter grew up. Then I realized that my daughter and her husband would probably rarely if ever sit for a formal family portrait (the way we did when my daughter was younger).

    So I decided to explore portraiture on a more formal basis (both lighting and posing/ directing). All of my attempts thus far have been frustrating. I feel like Homer Simpson when he thumbed through a Far Side calendar: “Don’t get it. Don’t get it. Don’t get it…”

    I know that I lack a vision, but I think that one day, with persistence and with courses like this, the light bulb with go off, and I will at last feel comfortable posing and directing my subjects.

    I have taken online courses before (BetterPhoto and PPSOP/BPSOP, and I can tell you already that I appreciate having access to all four lessons in the first week.

    I am 65 years old. I have no interest in becoming a professional photographer. I just want to be able to photograph my family with competence and love.

    Here’s my first question: What is the time frame for submission of assigned photos, and is there any leeway?


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    Bobbi Lane

    Hi, Bob and welcome! Don’t worry, you can do this and not be like Homer! LOL! There is a lot of info in the course, so please make sure that you watch the videos AND the extensive course notes for each lesson. BPSOP asks that you post the images on the Sunday, a week following the assignment, so 9 days after you get the lesson. If you are not on time, don’t worry, I will always critique when you post the images. At this point you are on the only one in this class. I do have another class, Portraits Unplugged, and that has only three students. So posting late is not a problem. Let me know if you are going to be late, just so I have an idea. Enjoy!

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