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    Bob Burns

    Hi, Bobbi.

    I have watched each of your videos (all four lessons) twice, and I have read the Lecture Notes on Lesson One twice (the others once each).

    I liked it so much that I have ordered the DVD.

    This is what I have gathered (Questions to follow.)

    Turning or leaning the body changes the alignment of the shoulders, changing it from a horizontal block to a tilt, and adding curves.

    Tilting the head moves the eyes from a horizontal to a diagonal alignment, and moves the nose from a vertical to a diagonal alignment, also creating curves in the overall composition.

    Turning the head down narrows the chin, makes the face more triangular, adds shadows under the chin and eyes, and bunches the chin.

    Turning the head up makes the face rounder, adds light to the eyes, and gets rid of shadows under the chin and eyes. Turning the head up too much makes the nostrils more prominent.

    Turning the head slightly to the side makes the face appear wider. And I also assume changes the light and shadow on the face. But what are you trying to accomplish here? When you tell the subject to turn his head slightly to the left or right, are you trying to achieve symmetry? Asymmetry? Shadows on the face? Do you want the face to appear wider?

    Also in the Lecture Notes for Lesson One: In the side-by-side photos over the caption “Head tilts,” am I wrong to prefer the photo on the left, in which her face appears more narrow, the chin is triangular, there are shadows under her eyes, sclera is showing beneath the iris, and yet her cheek bones are more prominent and she comes across way sexier? Also in that photo, I notice by the catchlight that she is turned away from the light (which is only slightly off-center) and the resulting shadow on her cleavage makes it a bit more prominent.

    I have really enjoyed the class so far.



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    Bobbi Lane

    Bob, I’m impressed with you level of attention! This is excellent, it will help you so much when you are shooting to pay attention to all the details. RE: woman in red Head Tilts. You can prefer either one. When you get further into the other lessons notes, there is a section on dropping the chin and looking up. Yes, it is sexier because the eyes are more open with the eyelids retracts. In these two shots, her chin drop results in a shape change of the face and more shadows under the eyes. I personally prefer the right one. When you want to do the eyes looking up, then raise the camera height so the subject is looking up-into the light and also stretching out the neck. The camera stays just above eye level, but tilted slightly for good perspective. It’s illustrated in the following images, the four of the redhaired woman, with the bottom left being the best for perspective, good light in the eyes, and still looking up so the eyes are more open.

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