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    Hi Bobbi,
    I will be working on my assignment for lesson 2 tomorrow. I will photograph an older person. However, I have a doubt regarding the assignment on lesson number 2. What is the difference of the last two shots. Photograph a person in the shade (expl. under a tree) with and without reflector. (this one I understand, i am planning to take the photo both under a tree or on the shade of a building.
    But the last one, Photograph a person in the shade catching sunlight? Does it means direct sunlight? like late afternoon light? no use of reflectors? Could you please guide me a little bit? Thanks in advance.
    Btw, I would like to submit more images for the lighting patterns, I have been trying to improve my images on this…
    Thanks in advance

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    Bobbi Lane

    Hi, sorry for the confusion. I’m sending out a clarification to everyone now!

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