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    Where do I position the subject by the window? To the side of the window or what? Also how far from the window. Does this work with any window that is normal sized or is light direction also a factor. Thanks.

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    Bobbi Lane

    Kathryn, the position of the person depends upon the lighting pattern you are trying to achieve. For example, the split light would mean that the window would be to the side of the face, so that half is lit. The butterfly would have the person facing the window directly and probably sitting lower so the window is slighting above eye level to the subject. Since you can’t move the window, you need to guide the subject’s position to get the light and shadow falling where you want. It helps to squint when you look at the subject which helps you to see the contrast of the light easier. A regular size window, or a little small, is good. If the window is large, then the light comes from everywhere. That is very flattering and you will want to do that in the future, but it’s better to learn the lighting patterns with a more directional light source so it’s easier to see. Remember, no sunlight coming through the window! That’s just the same as standing outside in full sun. It takes a while to learn to “see” the light, but it makes such a HUGE difference in the effect, description and mood of the subject. Always a good idea to review the lesson, too.

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