Kathleen Clemons Testimonials

What students are saying about Kathleen Clemons and her courses:

Textures from Start to Finish
Capturing the Beauty of Flowers
Lensbaby Magic

bio shot Kathleen(1)In the last few months I have completed two of Kathleen’s courses – Fine Art Nature Photography and its sequel Fine Art Nature Photography 2. These have been absolutely inspirational and have improved my photography and Photoshop facilities quite remarkably. I feel I am a quite different photographer after doing these courses. As well as being a glorious photographer, Kathleen is a wonderful teacher and has the ability to simplify difficult concepts. Her critiques are honest and detailed and her suggestions for improvement of her student’s images are practical and valuable. I have now done 4 courses with Kathleen and as soon as I get a Lensbaby I will have the pleasure of doing another and learning more from this unique individual!


Kathleen inspires her students to better photography by opening their eyes to simple everyday beauties, artfully captured by her camera and unique shooting techniques. Her weekly lessons are filled with examples and suggestions that encourage students to challenge themselves and push beyond their photographic comfort levels. Kathleen’s critiques of student work are always encouraging and she will frequently suggest small nuances that dramatically improve compositions. After taking 4 classes and a workshop with Kathleen, I eagerly look forward to learning more in her next class! Until we meet again – thanks bunches!


Kathleen is the most inspirational instructor. She has a wonderful way of guiding her students through the techniques that she teaches and does so in a most encouraging and positive way. Her lessons are a joy to experience and her assignments challenge and stretch you. Through her critiques she has a way of bringing out the best in each student and encouraging them to develop their own style, vision and persona within their work. Each course she teaches is a joy to experience.


I have been taking courses with the phenomenal BPSOP since 2007 and, whilst Understanding Exposure is ‘the most popular course’, ANYTHING taught by Kathleen Clemons rates right up there for me.

It is a total joy to be in one of her classrooms where ALL students find themselves inspired and encouraged to see beauty in the simplest of things and where we are gently pushed to examine and further develop our own photographic style. Kathleen’s work takes my breath away and that, combined with incredibly well-written lessons and constructive, wonderfully helpful critiques delivered with kindness and constant good humor has me wanting more and only the promise of further courses with this lovely lady can brighten my mood when one of her courses comes to an end. Add to this a truly fun classroom atmosphere where students feel comfortable enough to join in with all manner of lively conversation and you understand why Kathleen’s classes are usually full and there is a waiting list for anything else this lady can find time to write.

With every foreign move my family makes, BPSOP is always there to welcome me home like a good friend. Kathleen Clemons provides the tea and cake.


The first photography class I ever took was Kathleen’s ‘Capturing the Beauty of Flowers’. No surprise, my photos were the worst in the class. With Kathleen’s gentle but honest critiques, I was well on my way to becoming hooked on photography. I have since taken four of Kathleen’s classes and am always on the lookout for more.

Kathleen is a true artist in every sense of the word. Her images are simply breathtaking. Her gift of teaching others what she knows is evident not only in her weekly lessons but, also, in her critiques. It is obvious she ‘loves’ to teach. She will work with you until you ‘get it’ in a way that makes you feel good about yourself. I have always anticipated Kathleen taking my photography to the next level and she has never disappointed. Her classes are awesome and packed full of information to improve your photography.

Thanks Kathleen I’m looking forward to more of your phenomenal instruction. You are one-of-a-kind.


I feel extremely fortunate to have had you for the flower instructor, you are indeed a credit to the Perfect Picture School. Your lessons were clear and informative and your flower examples flawless! And your critiques … are an art form in itself !! Lets face it, no one likes to be told their beautiful photo needs improvement, especially me …. Even if that’s what they need to hear. But you do it with kindness, honesty and excellent suggestions that both my wife and I found amazing. This I credit to your teaching expertise as well as your warm personality, and of course your mastery of the subject. I am sure I speak for the other students as well. NICE JOB !!!

-Bob Bretell

Thanks Ron and Kathleen for a great class! I learned a lot, and came away with dozens of ideas and new techniques to try. Your critiques were very helpful and never harsh. 😉 I hope to take more classes with BPSOP–and I hope you’ll be teaching more!

-Farrell, Colleen

Yes, there truly will be Pre- and Post-Clemons Eras for me. I’ve had 25 yrs of formal education, and who knows how many other courses in the intervening years, yet I still remember a number of key teachers and key things they taught me. Some of the techniques I was exposed to in your Rules class (to early to say “learned”) will stay with me for a long time. Somehow you had just the right combination of explanation, example, and nurture to make me feel comfortable and able to move away from what I’d become used to. I’m intrigued enough to keep practicing these new techniques until I develop some facility with them. That’s precisely what I wanted to get from your course and you provided it in spades. I am truly grateful for the experience. You have both the skill as a wonderful photographer and the skill of an excellent teacher plus your genuine niceness (and good sense of humor) shines through, all to the benefit of your students. Should you ever have a potential student that inquires before signing up, much as I did, you may feel free to either share what I’ve said above or give them my email for an endorsement. Thanks.

-Roger Mitchell

I just completed Kathleen Clemons’ Capturing the Beauty of Flowers class. I want to let you know how much I enjoyed the experience. Kathleen’s lessons were very well organized, easy to read, informative and adorned with beautiful photos to illustrate her instructions. The assignments were challenging and fun, and stimulated my creativity and imagination. Kathleen’s critiques were very positive, professional and helpful. I’ll take the lessons I’ve learned here with me for a lifetime. Thank you for a job well done, Kathleen!

-Bill Raco

I have long admired the floral works of Kathleen Clemons. She is the best flower photographer I have ever seen. I am so excited to see she is teaching. I want a front row seat for this session!

-William R

I just wanted to drop you guys a note to let you know what a great experience my first class at BPSOP was. I took Capturing the Beauty of Flowers by Kathleen Clemons and Ron Goldman. I can not believe how much I learned in just four short weeks. My flower shots have improved dramatically. And other people are noticing. Not only that, but in the past I never particularly enjoyed photographing flowers. I now really enjoy flower shoots. Kathleen and Ron have helped me to develop my eye for shooting flowers and taught me the skills that I need for this type of shooting in an easy to understand and fun to implement way. The lessons had so much information in each one. The critiques and the answers to questions were so helpful and they responded so quickly. This was a class that taught me a tremendous amount of information in an easy to understand way and made the whole experience so much fun. I’ll be using these techniques as long as I’m a photographer. I look forward to more classes in the future. I will take any class that these two teach! Thanks for such a great experience.


What an eye you have, and what an inspiration you are. Your photographs are absolutely breathtaking. I’ve seen great pictures taken in (and of) exotic places all over the world, but subjects like those make taking an impressive picture relatively easy. Your work is a stunning example of how things in your own backyard can make photographs that surpass those kinds of pictures (by a mile!) in their sheer beauty and originality. Thank you for making me believe that maybe I can eventually produce such results.


You go girl! Your work is so alive and oozes all that is joyous about color and texture. Brilliant!


Your eye for juxtaposition and composition, and the way you capture color and textures and all the beauty, intimacies and intricacies of things is breathtaking. Your work really speaks to the soul and to the heart! I haven’t even seen 10% of your photos yet and I love them all!


You are truly an inspiration, Kathleen. Your work is incredible, you have a wonderful eye for beauty and the talent to photograph and present it in an outstanding way. Love your work!


Kathleen, truly remarkable. I saw one picture and then checked out your website. You have a talent for seeing artfully and portraying simple things beautifully. You make me want to take more risks when photographing. Please keep clicking and sharing……peace.


Beauty and wonder is a constant that is so often taken for granted and unappreciated, but the magic is when someone else’s sight allows us to really see. Thank you for your magic.


I am so glad to see that BPSOP has added Kathleen Clemons to their impressive list of instructors. I have admired her work for years. Her beautiful use of natural light and creative compositions are distinctive and stunning. I’m looking forward to her flower photography class more than any I’ve taken. I hope to see future classes offered by her as I will take anything she teaches.


You are amazing! Do you ever take a bad photograph?

-Bryan F Peterson

Before joining this course I would never have noticed this photo opportunity, neither would I be carrying my camera where ever I go. This class is not just joyful, it is a life changing experience. Thank you BPSOP in general and Kathleen and Ron particularly.

-Torstein Roenaas

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