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Instructor: Charlie Borland Duration: 4 Weeks Cost: US$169

As the old saying goes, “There is no Photography without light!” We often have plenty of light, but not always where or when we need it. Fortunately, the electronic flash is always there whenever we need it. But truth be told, today’s flashes are so technically advanced that even professionals find them intimidating!

Do you know how to avoid ‘red eye’? Do you know how to balance natural light with the light output from your flash? Why is there only one-half of a picture when you use your flash? Do you know how to freeze action when using flash?

Do you know how to shoot ‘multiple exposures’ with your flash? What is meant by ‘fill flash’? What is meant by rear curtain snyc and when do you use it? How do you keep the room from going dark when your child blows out the birthday candles? How do you avoid those ugly flash reflections? Would you like to shoot professional looking weddings and portraits? Why does the harsh light of mid-day NOT keep an experienced pro from shooting portraits?

You will learn to take better portraits of people, whether family at home or business photos at the office. If you like to shoot wedding’s, much of these flash techniques can be applied there as well.

If adventure is your game, then you will learn how to flash-freeze sports action, light up the camp tent, or create a colorful effects during this course. After completing the many assignments in this short, but jam-packed course, you will know how to use your flash in many practical and creative ways.

Join renowned professional photographer and lighting master, Charlie Borland for an adventure into the world of using flash. There will be no more confusion about the problems associated with your flash photos.

This course is designed to answer those questions and advance you from flash novice to flash expert in 4 short weeks. We’ll cover all the basics: light and flash theories; using flash on camera and off; understanding the power of your flash and how to apply it; shutters and f/stop and their effects on flash; flash modes such as TTL, Auto, and Manual; bounce vs direct flash; and diffused flash.

We will also cover some fun techniques as filtering flash; shooting sports; and mixing flash in colored light.

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: Introduction-Fundamentals of Flash Photography
We’ll cover flash equipment and how it works including basic flash techniques, understanding relationships between shutter speed-f/stop, and the effects on flash. Also, how to adjust flash output; understanding TTL/ETTL, auto and manual settings, and Sync Speed. What are Guide numbers, Angle of Incidence, and Inverse Square Law?

Lesson 2: Using Flash on Camera
Introduction to techniques of on-camera flash including flash fill, flash key, bounce flash, and diffused flash. We’ll look at red eye, flash bracketing, and external battery packs.

Lesson 3: Using Flash off Camera
We’ll look at techniques for using flash off-camera including rear curtain effects, key and fill w/umbrellas, lighting distant objects, wireless flash, and using remote flash.

Lesson 4: Having Fun with Flash
We’ll look at ways to have fun with flash including using flash in mixed lighting, using creative filters with flash, motion techniques, freezing action, and using several flash units.

Course Requirement:
Digital camera, external flash, TTL Cord (Name Brand) or wireless Flash ability, understanding f/stops and shutter speeds. Please read your flash manual thoroughly prior to class.

Instructor: Charlie Borland

Charlie BorlandCharlie Borland is an award-winning commercial photographer based in Oregon. Charlie travels extensively for a wide range of clients. People are his forte, on the job or at play. With a career spanning 30 years, he produces photography for annual reports, advertising, and editorial clients.

His photographs have been seen in National Geographic Adventure and Traveler, Outside, Women’s Sport and Fitness, Newsweek, TV Guide, CIO, Sports Illustrated for Women, Time, Backpacker, and Sunset, to name a few.

Charlie’s partial client list includes: Xerox, NW Airlines, Fujitsu, Tektronix, Nike, Blue Cross, Nationsbank, Precision Castparts Corp., Mentor Graphics, Texas Instruments, Pacificorp, Cellular One, Sequent Computer, Early Winters, Cascade Bancorp, and Associated General Contractors.

Charlie has taught at BPSOP since the beginning, training several thousand photographers and is author of Outdoor Flash Photography, available on his website: