Colors are very important in every aspect of photography and Flora is absolutely no exception! However, there is one color in Flora which seems to be overlooked, mostly because of its abundance. And that is Mrs. GREEN.

Green is not even a “real color”, it is the color between blue and yellow, so in fact – as you might remember from your school art classes – you can easily create it by combining yellow and blue ;-). By far the largest contributor to green in nature is chlorophyll, the chemical by which plants photosynthesize and convert sunlight into chemical energy. Many creatures have adapted to their green environments by taking on a green hue themselves as camouflage (hello frogs, hello crocodiles!)

So yes, the majority of Flora is in green thanks to chlorophyll. Leaves, stems, grass, trees – there is so much green, than we tend to focus on other, more rare colors in Flora and we are hunting for every other color BUT green. That’s why Flora is often associated with colorful flowers. But that is totally unfair to the green color, and the rest of Flora and it is also a missed opportunity because the green parts of Flora are so beautiful.

And that’s why we are always mesmerized by the work of our students, when they are sharing assignments in green. Green parts of Flora are the best to showcase elements of design, particularly lines and patterns. To showcase how green Flora images are stunning, we have put together some examples taken by our students in the recent PHOTOGRAPHING FLORA classes.


And what do our students say about Photographing Flora class?

This has been an eye-opening class.  Watching Patrik’s critiques has been invaluable, with his kind encouragement and clear guidance for improvement.  I hear his voice in my head sometimes now when I take photos now! I also learned a lot and gained inspiration from my classmates. I will probably take it again.
Mika Geiger

Thank you Monika and Patrik for a wonderful and inspiring class. With your encouragement I have been able to play and experiment and be creative with my flower photography. I truly appreciate the lessons and the excellent critiques.
Pam Corckran
Thank you, Monika and Patrik. Your style of teaching is so much fun and enjoyable. There are lots of things to learn but not enough time to do it! I wish you can change it to 6 weeks! Your video critiques are most helpful. I learned quite a few techniques from your suggestions by listening to your critiques from my classmate’s works.
Thank you for a great class Monika and Patrik. So many techniques it could easily be an 8 week course. I plan to continue working on many of the ideas you gave us.


PHOTOGRAPHING FLORA class begins in June 5th, please join us here and learn how to photograph flora too (and not only in green color ;-).

We are looking forward to meeting you in class!

Patrik and Monika Banas


Iva Ullrichova


Ann Fitzsimmons_Photographing-Flora-Green

Ann Fitzsimmons


Patricia Daley_Photographing-Flora-Green

Patricia Daley


William Basta_Photographing-Flora-Green

William Basta


Pam Corckran_Photographing-Flora-Green

Pam Corckran



Vlastimil Babický



Terrie H


Sharon Davidson_Photographing-Flora-Green

Sharon Davidson


Patricia Daley2_Photographing-Flora-Green

Patricia Daley



Mary J Beck

Dina Damon_Photographing-Flora-Green

Dina Damon