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Surge Your Photoshop Skills with Rick Burress’s Exclusive 3-Hour Webinar on Blend Modes!

Blow Your Mind with the Full Potential of Adobe Photoshop—Dive Deep into Blend Modes!

Are You Ready to Revolutionize your Photoshop Creations? Are you eager to craft stunning creations in 5 minutes or less‽

Join us for a transformative 3-hour live webinar with the industry luminary, Rick Burress, as he navigates the intricate yet wonderful landscape of Blend Modes in Adobe Photoshop.

What’s in Store for You:

Comprehensive Blend Mode Demystification: Rick Burress, renowned for his in-depth knowledge, will demystify each Blend Mode, providing a clear roadmap on when and how to deploy them for maximum impact. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, there’s always more to discover.

Creative Techniques to Ignite Your Imagination: Explore innovative techniques that go beyond the basics. Rick will showcase how Blend Modes can be wielded to enhance your designs, amplify photo manipulations, and breathe life into your digital art projects. Unleash the true potential of your creativity!

Real-world Applications for Professional Results: Learn how to apply Blend Modes practically in various scenarios. Rick will guide you through real-world applications, helping you achieve polished and professional results in your projects.

Problem-solving Strategies with Expert Guidance: Encounter challenges? Rick Burress will equip you with problem-solving strategies, helping you troubleshoot common issues related to Blend Modes. Enhance your proficiency and gain confidence in your Photoshop endeavors.

Why Attend Rick’s Webinar:

  • Exclusive Insights from a Seasoned Expert: Benefit from Rick’s wealth of knowledge and gain insights derived from years of hands-on experience in the digital artistry field.

  • Live Q&A Session – Your Questions Answered: Participate in a dynamic Q&A session where Rick will respond to your individual questions, offering customized solutions to enhance your proficiency in Photoshop.

📅 Save the Date:

  • Date: March 16th, 2024
  • Time: 1pm–4pm EST
  • Platform: ZOOM link will be made available, and a recording of the event will be yours to watch and/or download forever


Invest in Your Creative Journey:

  • Fee: $69 per attendee

Limited Spaces Available: Secure your spot now to embark on a transformative journey into the world of Blend Modes with Rick Burres! Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to refine your skills and unleash your creative potential, in Rick’s sixth Saturday Series Webinar.

Reserve Your Zoom Seat:

Transform your artistic vision into reality with Blend Modes – sign up for Rick Burres’s webinar now!

  • Exclusive access to the “Strokes of Genius” live webinar;
  • Downloadable recording, resources, and reference materials;
  • Q&A session to address your specific queries, LIVE on ZOOM.

      Come see it in action and ask all your questions.


      This was an incredibly informative and well-spent day, Rick!

      I love your teaching style: patient, kind and willing to adapt to the needs of your clients even though it slows your projected itinerary. You rock! I can’t wait to learn from you again.



      Congratulations on a job well done today.  It was a marathon for me so I can’t even imagine how you felt leading the group. In my prior life I was in a leadership role so I know how much energy and stamina it takes to do what you did today. You were masterful. You make everyone feel so welcome and comfortable that you drew everyone into the conversation and it  it felt like we all knew each other beforehand.  Again great job and congratulations.

       Gary N

      The class was amazing!  Thank Bryan for me for coming up with this idea.  Hopefully Rick can teach a part 2 of this class.  I am already using much of what Rick taught us last weekend!

       Kathy P

      You can’t imagine how I appreciate all your work and how much new stuff you showed me!! Things I had never heard about before!!

      Your teaching is absolutely thrilling Rick and I am so grateful for new ideas and recommendations from you! As I probably already said, I have attended  some courses about what you taught me since a year now, but I had never the feeling that these courses would help!

      Now all is so different; and I am striving to get all into my little brain and use it all the time!

      Warm regards Rick and all the best for you with many more courses at BPSOP –  so glad you are having so much success – believe me that I am recommending you to many friends of mine since I know you!!

      Deeply grateful! You have opened my eyes!
      – Séverine (Sevi)
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