Elevate Your Photography with Color Mastery: “Chroma-Craft”



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Saturday, September 30th, 2023
1pm- 4pm Eastern Time
$69 > 3-hour live Zoom Webinar
with BPSOP Instructor Rick Burress

Manage the Realities of Color to Level-up Your Photography’s Impact and Response, with Rick Burress

Embark on a Journey to Redefine Your Color Aesthetic

Join us for an unparalleled opportunity to revolutionize your artistic prowess through the profound impact and response of color manipulation. Welcome to Chroma-Craft, an immersive experience curated to propel your photography into a realm of unparalleled vibrancy and allure.

Unveiling the True Power of Color Mastery

In a world where conventional color theory falls short, discover the untold secrets of color orchestration under the guidance of a consummate professional. Rick Burress invites you to:

Unravel the Authentic Dynamics of Human-Visible Color: Capture attention and evoke response by embracing the genuine principles of color perception.

Harness Harmonious Hues: Discern the precise colors that harmonize with your photographic subjects, elevating their visual impact.

Liberating from the Munsell Conundrum: Break free from the shackles of outdated color systems that have misguided artists and photographers for over a century.

Swift and Precise Color Correction: Master the art of rapid batch color correction, revolutionizing your workflow and efficiency.

Psychology of Color Deconstructed: Delve into the intricate interplay of color psychology, hue, saturation, chroma, lightness, and brightness.

Decoding the Color Models of Tomorrow: Grasp the intricacies of the latest color models that are dominating the scene since August 2023.

Unmasking Photoshop’s Destructive Impact on Color: Witness the revelation of Photoshop as it has been distorting your color quality.

Bridging Additive and Subtractive Color Realms: Expertly navigate the realms of additive and subtractive color models, leveraging their synergy for visual splendor.

The Singular Path to Accurate Color: Embrace the one option for achieving precision in color that you’ve not yet discovered.

Why Participate in this Transformative Experience?

Ignite Your Imagination: Unleash your artistic flair like never before, transforming your vision into breathtaking reality.

Learn from a Pro with Knowledge Who Can Teach It: Absorb insights from a seasoned pro, tapping into Rick’s wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Interactive Exchange: Engage in live discussions and Q&A sessions, directly interfacing with Rick to ensure your comprehension in this LIVE event.

Learn from Your Peers: Forge connections with fellow photographers, designers, and digital artists, enriching your creative journey.

Invaluable Resources: Gain access to meticulously curated resources, handouts, brushes, and tools that will redefine your creative toolkit.

Who Should Embark on this Colorful Odyssey?

Visionary Photographers: Elevate your color acumen to captivate your audience and breathe vibrant life into your images.

Graphic Design Aficionados: Embrace the nuances of color manipulation to craft designs that resonate deeply.

Photoshop Aficionados: Uncover the hidden potential within Photoshop and refine your color-centric skills.

Creative Professionals and Enthusiasts: Seamlessly fuse expertise and passion to craft mesmerizing visual compositions.

Exclusively Yours: A Treasure Trove of Knowledge

Downloadable Webinar Recording! Relive the experience at your pace, preserving these transformative insights indefinitely.

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Dive into the Realm of Color Mastery and Propel Your Creative Journey to New Dimensions.
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This was an incredibly informative and well-spent day, Rick!
I love your teaching style: patient, kind and willing to adapt to the needs of your clients even though it slows your projected itinerary. You rock! I can’t wait to learn from you again.


Congratulations on a job well done today.  It was a marathon for me so I can’t even imagine how you felt leading the group. In my prior life I was in a leadership role so I know how much energy and stamina it takes to do what you did today. You were masterful. You make everyone feel so welcome and comfortable that you drew everyone into the conversation and it  it felt like we all knew each other beforehand.  Again great job and congratulations.
Gary N

The class was amazing!  Thank Bryan for me for coming up with this idea.  Hopefully Rick can teach a part 2 of this class.  I am already using much of what Rick taught us last weekend!

Kathy P

You can’t imagine how I appreciate all your work and how much new stuff you showed me!! Things I had never heard about before!!
Your teaching is absolutely thrilling Rick and I am so grateful for new ideas and recommendations from you! As I probably already said, I have attended  some courses about what you taught me since a year now, but I had never the feeling that these courses would help!
Now all is so different; and I am striving to get all into my little brain and use it all the time!
Warm regards Rick and all the best for you with many more courses at BPSOP –  so glad you are having so much success – believe me that I am recommending you to many friends of mine since I know you!!
Deeply grateful! You have opened my eyes!
– Séverine (Sevi)
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