Russell Isabella Testimonials

What students are saying about Russ Isabella and his course:
Russ IsabellaI walk away from this course FINALLY being able to create sharper pictures in sports! My expectations were modest and they were easily surpassed! A great concept, shoot for your audience, definitely helps me with the type of approach I will take. … Thanks for putting on this course, Russ, I had a great time!

-Chad G

Russ, You may not fully appreciate just how much you have taught us! It was a short class but I most definitely have learned some valuable techniques. Just your last review and suggestion of a closer crop makes me see more clearly what the picture is capable of expressing. Thanks so much for your honest evaluations as well as great information. I’m much more excited about the subject of sports photography after this course. Cheers!

-Elizabeth S

Your responses to my forum question entitled, “Action, composition, orientation …” were some of the best, most thought provoking take aways for me from the whole course. The idea of audience (I love your detailed list of potential audiences) and of imagined vs. true story is now a part of each shot I take or at least choose to show. I always ask myself now, “What if I wasn’t there? What story does this photo really tell?” I think it is making me a much better photographer.

-Pam B

Russ, when I was introducing myself to the group four weeks ago, I said this was the course I wish I had been able to take six years ago when I was bitten by the sports photography bug. That now is more true than ever. The wisdom of your experience, your gentle but objective critiques of my photos and your encouragement have been truly helpful. I’ve now been bitten by the bug again and will be much better at it this time. Thank you.

-John M

Thank you very much for the course. I have a much better insight now on what to do when photographing sports. With winter approaching I’m looking forward to lots of sliding tackles in soccer, rugby players with mud all over them, and horses racing over fences.

-Bob D

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  • "Star Trails and Night Photography is one of the best classes of the 20 classes in BPSOP I have taken. I have thoroughly enjoyed Mike Shaw and the simplicity of the instruction. Mike tells you the settings of your camera to get the MILKY WAY. Your fellow students will be amazed at the photos. I recommend that you take the class. "
    Skip Duemeland Star Trails & Night Photography
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