These are extraordinary times and we are all finding new ways to create and express ourselves. Normally for this class I send you a list suggesting where to find models: high school seniors, acting classes and workshops, Senior community centers, etc. All of those ways are currently unavailable. I hope that your family and close and safe friends will be able to help you on your assignments by being patient and cooperative with you! The techniques that you will learn will apply to everyone, so even if you only have one person to photograph, you can learn a tremendous amount.

    The class enrollment at this point is low. I want you to know that I am available to reach easily through email: [email protected] Also, post your assignments when you can. If you are late, it’s not a problem, just try to get the work done by a week after the class ends. I will try and critique your images as quickly as possible.

    Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions!



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