Here’s a way to create a simple watermark on your iPhone!

Watermarking should be part of your work flow if you are posting images online, and here’s a really simple and creative way to add text and watermarks to your images using one of the apps I talk about in my iPhone Photography Class here on BPSOP. This app is called WordSwag and it’s available for not only the iPhone, but for Android as well.

Its simple interface allows you to create text, watermarks or add sayings and quotes to your images in seconds. You can also import a PNG file with an invisible background from Photoshop and use it on your Smart phone. I give you some tips in this video.

Your creativity will be unmatched!

Take a look at my video here and let me know what you think.


Learn how to Watermark with Wordswag from BPSOP on Vimeo.

Good luck watermarking and I’ll see you in the next iPhone Photography class!


BPSOP Instructor – Holly Higbee-Jansen

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