The beauty of simplicity

What makes an image quiet?

In Finding Beauty we approach creating quiet, minimalist images from different directions. One of the ways is contrast.

The crux of creating a quiet image is to reduce the contrast. That contrast can take many forms, including color, pattern, texture, value, shape, and sharpness.

Contrast is important because the eye automatically goes to the area of highest contrast.

So the trick for creating a quiet image is to either contain or minimize the contrast.

Questions to ask while composing your image

Since reducing contrast is important for a quiet image, some questions to explore as you compose your image are:

  1. Is where something is happening isolated to one area of your image? Or is it spread all over?
  2. How much of the frame is filled with “something happening” versus “not much going on”?
  3. How great is the contrast between the two?

Examples of quiet images

Below are examples of quiet images from some of the students enrolled in Finding Beauty.

What ideas will you use in your own photography, whether you shoot landscapes, flowers, still life, or some other subject?


Images: Maureen McKeon

“In Finding Beauty Brit taught me to declutter my images and allow the subject breathing room. She calls them quiet images.

In her critiques, Brit offers alternative ways to frame the image, encouraging exploration and experimentation.

I feel that my skills have grown a lot in this class.”

— Maureen McKeon (Instagram: mccrockett)


Images:  Bob Rosenbladt

“I have often found myself in a location that has lots of potential for a photograph, but there is so much going on visually that to make a compelling image in difficult.

Finding Beauty has really helped me to find ways to improve my photos by simplifying and decluttering them.

Brit has many excellent case studies to show how to think about a location to find memorable photographs within it.

Her critiques and comments have been both instructive and encouraging. I would highly recommend this class.”

— Bob Rosenbladt


Images: Kip Kriigel

“This class improved my ability to see photographic opportunities in everyday objects that are all around us.

In each week’s lesson the concept of producing quiet and clean images was well explained and backed up with great photographic examples.

I learned to improve the impact and photographic quality of my images by ensuring that nonessential and distracting elements are eliminated.”

— Kip Kriigel




Finding Beauty

Authentic Photo Stories

Celebrate Your Life in Beautiful Images

Photography Essentials

Amazing Travel Photos Made Easy

** No post processing skills necessary for any of Brit’s courses **



Brit Hammer is an international award-winning photographer, bestselling author, and a celebrated artist whose work is aptly described as fresh and optimistic.

Brit’s students love her intuitive eye, patience, enthusiasm and holistic nurturing because the results are unbelievably incredible and inspiring student growth.

Visit Brit’s website at

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“There are great photographers and great teachers, but it is rare to find a great photographer who’s also a wonderful instructor; Brit embodies that rare combination.” — Tennessee Rick Elliot



“I just wanted to thank you for another wonderful class. I have to confess that each week when I read the new assignment, my first reaction was mild panic and a deep certainty that I would not be able to produce anything worthwhile that fit within the parameters you had set. But before I knew it, the ideas started to flow, and I quickly became obsessed (no, that isn’t too strong a word!) with exploring the possibilities. I can honestly say that the photos I produced in response to your assignments are among my favorites. Thanks for bringing out a creative side I didn’t know I had!”

Barbara Geiger
Understanding Color

“Thank you so very much for this course! It’s allowed me to take the blinders off and present my images for what I want them to be without being a slave to the “reality” of the camera. I would also add that in conjunction with your printing course, this has been the most useful course I’ve ever taken. Your notes are more than comprehensive and your comments and critiques are direct, clear, and always directed to the improvement of the art.”

After the click

” I want to thank you for this class and for your patience and availability to answer all of my questions. I have learned very much through this class. I have used LR in the past, but mostly for editing images. I now have a better grasp in the organization of my images, an even better understanding of editing images, and an understanding of the value of presets. I still have a lot to learn, but this has put me on the road to be able to improve my photography. Again, thank you! ”

Dale Yates
Lightroom Quickstart

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