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Instructor: William Yu Duration: 4 Weeks Cost: US$129

Travel and photography are naturally perfect buddies. However, in lots of occasions, it is regrettable that the image turn out to be just another boring snapshot. It takes skills, knowledge and practice to take better and memorable travel images, telling the story of places, culture and people. This class will provide a comprehensive guide to travel photographers whether they’re on vacation, or in remote exotic destinations. The instructor will share with you tons of tips and tricks for different aspects of travel photography, from gear choices to image composition, from technical to creative, from planning to execution, and from the shoot to post processing…

This class is for beginning-to-intermediate photographers to understand the basics of travel photography and bring their own unique artistic expression to any situation whether you’re taking landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, and architectural images.

Each week, you will study detailed lecture note, illustrated with large, compelling images, and then complete an assignment by applying the knowledge and skills just learned. After submitting your assignment photo online, your instructor will provide valuable critique, helping you improving your photographic vision and skills.

This course will cover the following topics:

  • Equipment and gear choices
  • Image storage and back up strategy during travel
  • Trip planning and research
  • Following the light to capture the essence of place, people and culture.
  • Advanced creative techniques
  • Night and long exposure photography
  • Creating visually strong composition and unique angle of view
  • Street photography, environmental portraits and tips for approaching people
  • Conveying sense of movement
  • Themes and self-assignments
  • Legal stuff and model releases
  • Photography workflow and post processing.


Course Requirement:

  • A camera with full manual ability
  • A basic understanding of your camera in manual mode, shutter speeds, f/stops and ISO, the ability to upload your images for critique.

Instructor: William Yu

William Yu is San Francisco based travel photographer, photography instructor and the owner of William Yu Photo Workshops. He frequently leads small group of photographers to some of the most unique and beautiful places in the world, capturing culture/people/festivities and landscapes. If you’d like to learn, practice photography and experience the cultures in the most beautiful locations around the world, just follow his lead. William’s photos have been published in Photography Magazines in USA, China and Europe. His travel photography clients include, Ubisoft, Accenture, Google, Ogilvy One Worldwide, Microsoft, American Airlines, Earnest & Young, MTV Networks, Bloomberg Finance, Westjet, Figaro Magazine, etc. Follow his instagram Friend him on Facebook at

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