There are many hidden features in Lightroom that will help simplify your work flow and some of them are not easy to find. Here is a tip that can help you with your Lightroom editing.


The Spot Removal Tool

Are you interested in how to easily get rid of dust and scratches in Lightroom? Many digital cameras these days are magnets for dust on the lens or on the sensor. This is just something we have to deal with these days especially if you are shooting in any sort of inclement weather conditions. On our recent photo workshop to Iceland, I encountered a fair amount of dust and water spots on several images. Here is an easy way to identify and remove those marks in post processing.

On the selective editing bar in the develop module, there is the spot removal tool. You can either click on it, or use the letter Q to activate it from the Develop module. This is truly a spot removal tool, anything more, you would need to go to Photoshop and use the content aware feature to make any dramatic changes to your images. But to remove dust, hair or sensor dust, this tool does the trick.

Before Applying the Spot Removal Tool

There are some obvious spots on the image above, but if you want to get a closer view, you can active the visualize spots tool. To view any dust, dirt or hair on your image, first activate the spot removal tool and click on “Visualize spots” that shows below the center image in the Develop module. There, the image will now turn black and white. You can adjust the strength of this feature by pushing the slider back and forth. If you push the slider to the left, it will reduce the number of visible imperfections you are able to see, and if you push the slider to the right, it will increase that number of visible imperfections.

For this type of editing with the spot removal tool, I will normally set the feathering to 0 and the opacity to 100%. Adjust the spot removal brush to the size of the spot and click on it. If the spot removal doesn’t disappear or has an obvious outline, then increase the feathering until the adjustment has a softer edge and it not noticeable. Undo your last adjustment, and do it again with the new settings.

As mentioned above, this tool is really only effective for small spots and scratches. Any larger area would need to go into Photoshop for further work with content aware.

This tool can take a little bit of practice to get it right, but used correctly, it can be a time saver for these types of digital imperfections.

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