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Instructor: Brit Hammer Duration: 4 Weeks Cost: US$129

Learn the art of minimalism

Reignite your creativity with this easy to follow course.

Use any camera, even your phone. No post processing is necessary.



In photography we strive to declutter our images. Anything that distracts from the intended subject must be pushed out of frame. In Finding Beauty, we push this concept to the max.

Welcome to the art of minimalism!

In this fun course you’ll learn how to simplify a scene to its very essence. In the process you’ll also find out how to create strong compositions.


“This is the best advanced class I have ever taken.”


Capture a scene’s essence

Explore the possibilities each scene offers you.

The emphasis in Finding Beauty is on seeing and capturing images in-camera.

Hone your skills and be free from post-processing.

Use any camera — even your phone! No post-processing skills are needed.


“I loved this course!  It awakened a new way of looking at things in me and I am excited!”



What to expect

Each lesson shows several case studies.

Each of the four lessons presents a different approach to finding quiet images.

During image reviews you’ll be guided towards your own artistic style of minimalist, quiet, or abstract images.

Case studies include garden scenes, nature scenes, cityscapes, outdoor sports, interiors, architecture, and food.


“If you are looking to move more into fine art photography, then Finding Beauty is the course that will help you get there.”


What students are saying

“This is the best advanced class I have ever taken. Finding Beauty has been a true eye-opener me. Brit has helped me to develop a different style of photography that I am sure will help my overall photography. I highly recommend this class — especially to those who already have a basic understanding of photography — although that is not a requirement.” — Curt M.

“If you are looking to move more into fine art photography, then Finding Beauty is the course that will help you get there. While focused on minimalism, I found the concepts and techniques presented in this course to be easy to understand, while challenging me to expand my vision and shooting style. Brit’s critiques were extremely insightful and helped me to become more focused on developing my artistic voice.” — Laura R.

“I loved this course!  It awakened a new way of looking at things in me and I am excited. Thank you again!” — Norma

“Thank you for another great class. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness that you put into your feedback. You make connections between photos, encourage avenues to explore, and lead me to see the world around me in a new way. Fantastic class! I couldn’t be more satisfied.” — Susan J.

“Your remarks really encouraged and motivated me. Thanks for all of the effort you put into this course and how you have helped me hone my vision of what I want to accomplish with my interest in minimalism — especially with the way you analyze our class photos and point out observations of my own individual style that I have never been aware of. Your input has had a significant impact on how I will observe and try to capture minimal, quiet, peaceful scenes wherever I go.” — John

“Less might be more! A beautiful image draws the eye and invites pondering what it actually is and what it might be. Warmth and calm can be achieved in an image. These are new ideas for me…I have been a person who likes riotous color and dramatic contrasts. This course has opened my eyes to so much more. Thank you!” — Gisela N.

“I’ve gotten a lot out of your course, especially creating quieter images with more subdued color. It’s freed me up to look at everything and to get in closer to the subject without the pressure to create a bold, in-your-face loud image. Also, thank you for your positive feed back as well as having this class in this class in the first place.”— Ellen M.

“I have always admired lifestyle images and the serenity they convey. Thanks to Brit’s teaching and suggestions in this beautiful course I learned how to tell a story in a different perspective. Thanks again for teaching me to seek beauty in simplicity!” — Cristina P.

“I had never given much thought to negative space or to finding pictures inside of a picture. My eyes are open to so many new ideas.”— Ann K.

“This class improved my ability to see photographic opportunities in everyday objects that are all around us.” — Kip K.

““Thanks for the great classes, Brit!” — Kris

“In her critiques, Brit offers alternative ways to frame the image, encouraging exploration and experimentation. I feel that my skills have grown a lot in this class.” — Maureen M.

“I have often found myself in a location that has lots of potential for a photograph, but there is so much going on visually that to make a compelling image in difficult. Finding Beauty has really helped me to find ways to improve my photos by simplifying and decluttering them. Brit has many excellent case studies to show how to think about a location to find  memorable photographs within it. Her critiques and comments have been both instructive and encouraging. I would highly recommend this class.” — Bob R.

“Brit urges students to make images mindfully, to strip away the non-essential to find beauty in detail and simplicity. Her critiques are delivered with care, kindness  and understanding of the level of skill of the student.” — Anne F.

“I mostly take landscapes, with a special focus on trees. This class has taught me to look for the small bits around us that make up the bigger pieces of nature. Not in the macro sense, but in the larger scope of it all. I have gotten a lot out of it. Your critiques are thorough and thoughtful. I am so appreciative of your kind words.” — Cindy K.

“Brit taught me to look for ways to distinguish and distill the qualities that define the beauty I see until what I am left with is a minimalist expression of that beauty. Great class!” — Dorothy R.

“Taking this class has changed the way I see the world.” — Marian L.

“I had never given much thought to negative space or to finding pictures inside of a picture. My eyes are open to so many new ideas.”— Ann K.

“I would like to thank you for your wonderful course and your personal, meaningful and encouraging critiques. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect, but particularly your personal responses. What a great teacher you are. Thanks again.” — Brigitte E.

“Great class! It was exactly what I was looking for!” — Mark R.


Instructor: Brit Hammer

Brit Hammer is an international award-winning photographer, bestselling author, and a celebrated artist whose work has aptly been called “fresh and optimistic”. Brit’s photographs have been featured in dozens of international lifestyle magazines and design blogs.

Teaching photography since 2012, Brit’s students love her “combination of extensive and well-organized photographic design principles…intuitive eye, patience, enthusiasm, and holistic nurturing [because the results are] unbelievably incredible and inspiring student growth!”

Brit doesn’t just teach you the function of taking good pictures, she teaches you how to put your heart and soul into your photography. She takes the time to think about each image before offering feedback and tells you what she sees and feels — and asks questions to get you thinking. Brit will also tell you what you did right and what could be better — and how to improve it.

Brit teaches several courses at BPSOP.

For more information on Brit’s art and courses, please see her website

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