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Instructor: Rick Burress Duration: 4 Weeks Cost: US$129

The Anti-Catalog Workflow: Bridge, the Bride of Photoshop

Learn Bridge the right way.

Adobe Bridge is the most misunderstood, hardest working, most valuable piece of software you own.
You just don’t know it yet. In this course, we’ll focus on organization and advanced techniques using Bridge. How to most efficiently import images, sort them, rate them, add keywords and metadata to them—all the things you must do to work efficiently at professional standards.

You can’t buy Bridge. She comes married to Photoshop—Bridge is Photoshop’s Bride. They’re built and sold to be a team, yet you’ve only been using half the team. And She’s his better half.

All the buzz is about Lightroom—It’s marketing hype. If you own Photoshop, you have just what you need—Bridge.
She keeps your house in order. Have you been whining that your colors don’t print like you see on screen? Or that your colors aren’t even consistent between Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, etc. She’s the Queen. Bridge is a super organizer/locater/arranger, even if you drop all your images randomly on your hard disk (what a mess!), she’s there to save the day. Looking for all the images you shot with that 50mm ƒ1.4 lens? She’ll find them in seconds.
Looking for the images that fit on a vertical magazine cover? She’s on it.
Need to batch rename 800 images from a wedding—sequentially—with the bridal party’s name and job number. You can’t call on Lightroom for that. Photoshop just points to his Bride, “She’ll handle it.” Bridge can even batch-edit your images, non-destructively.
We’ll set proper Preferences and show you HOW to create and save your own Presets, or use ours (included)!
Bridge is the Central Nervous System of the entire Adobe Creative Suite:
Photoshop relies on Bridge to Color Calibrate the Computer Color System.
Creative Suite Apps can be driven from Bridge,
…previewed from Bridge,
…with tasks automated from Bridge.
Are you starting to wonder about where Bridge has been all your life?
Wonder no more!
The great nemesis of photographers the world over is getting the correct exposure in one image for both the lights (skies) and the darks at the same time. HDR can get the job done, but NOTHING MUST BE MOTION.
BIG NEWS: You don’t NEED HDR. It was developed to get more dynamic range from JPEGs.In fact, you’d need 262,144 JPEGS combined—with nothing in motion—to get the dynamic range of a single 14-bit raw file. Instead, simply shoot and edit in 14-bit RAW—in Bridge.

What Students are saying:

“It was the best 2 hours I’ve spent in education. I learned more from your class than in 14 weeks at University.” 

—Jack Hunter, New Yorker Magazine cover artist. 

This course is not a boring tool-by-tool explanation. Rather, it is a compilation of what Rick’s clients (over the past 34 years) say they wish they’d learned about Photoshop from the start. There is no substitute for saving time while increasing your quality! All skill levels will learn from this 30+ year Master of Photoshop.

Week 1—Organization – workspaces, importing, rating, ranking, labeling, managing the Cache, viewing images quickly + More

  • Stash the proper Cache
  • Why the Pros use DNG format – you should too. 
  • Bridge – The Bride of Photoshop
  • Bridge & Camera Raw Prefs 
  • Best Computer Specs for the Professional image editor 
  • Sorting – the details 

Week 2—The Keys: Metadata & Keywords, sorting, searching, Collections, filtering & finding 

  • Why Metadata? Why care?  
  • Creating & applying your own custom Metadata Templates 
  • Sharing & Updating master keyword lists 
  • Batch- processing metadata tags 
  • Keywords help the entire Photographic & Graphic Design Community


Week 3—Batch for Efficiency: batch editing non-destructively, creating & savings & sharing presets

  • Batch Renaming  
  • Where to grab yours – and place my – Presets 
  • Step-by-Step Color correction using a gray card
  • Panos from Bridge 
  • Focus Stacks 

Week 4—Send It Out: Exporting, Publish, Magic interactions with other Adobe Apps, a professional Workflow 

  • Back & Forth – Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge at play 
  • Saving & Exporting – 4 Ways 
  • Color Management! 


  • Weekly, you’ll have direct access to Rick, his critiques of your work, assignments, and questions, to which he will respond individually via a recorded YouTube video—just for you. His analogies alone are worth the price of admission, and will really help you to remember the key concepts. 

    Course Requirements

    This course is for photographers of all levels. You must have Adobe Bridge.

    Instructor: Rick Burress

    Rick Burress has consulted and taught professional photographers for over 30 years. His work has appeared in the award-winning Arizona Highways Magazine, and is a published author and consultant.

    • What students are saying about Rick:
    • “I just finished The Real Photoshop Course with you and I just wanted to let you know that this is a great course. I’m a newbie to Photoshop and like others it can be some what intimidating. (it was for me LOL)  You really made it easy to understand and you help too ease the fear of using certain functions in Photoshop. Absolutely love this course.!!!

      I would highly recommend this course to all who either struggle or feel intimated by Photoshop. Your enthusiasm and love to teach others makes learning easy. Looking forward to seeing more of you as part of the BPSOP family.” – John O’Brien

      “Okay, now I just want to say “Thank You!” You are awesome. I am learning so much. Thank you for the clarity you have provided. I knew right what you were talking about when you discussed color space and printing mediums. You cleaned things up so nice. You are, dare I say it?, a genius! (Now don’t go photoshopping your head real big!)

      Thank you again for sharing your vast knowledge with us and providing it in an understandable fun way.
      Excited to be learning so much.” – Dave

      “Just finished the Real Photoshop Course and Ricks teaching style is superb. I only used photoshop to remove some wires in a shot but know I have learned so much in four weeks. I just saw the announcement for the Bridge course, on my list for my next course. Rick is a wonderful asset to BPSOP. Great job!” – Al Fox

“I signed up for The Ultimate Guide to Adobe Bridge CC by Rick Burress to complete the trilogy with his courses on Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop. I’m now doing image management, post processing adjustments, and photo art like never before.  The Bridge-ACR-Photoshop work flow overhauled my approach to photography.  Rick’s down-to-earth teaching style transforms the jargon so you’ll never forget the key concepts!” – Fred Nenninger

“I’m just finishing up bonus videos for lesson 4 and am definitely going to take your other courses!  I must commend you on the great content and style!” – Kin Kwan

I have been looking for an Adobe Bridge class for a while now as that is what I have been using to download my photos and attempt to use ACR for editing. Each time I see a workshop mentioning Bridge I take it and to my disappointment the teacher does not spend much time on Bridge because most of the people in attendance use Lightroom.  When I saw your class being offered at Bryan’s school I decided to try it and am so happy I did. Being a former school teacher I have to say your method of teaching is fantastic. You do a great job of explaining a concepts (love your analogies ) … that being a   visual learner and an “old lady” I can understand.
I will be spending time going over your lessons and trying to learn Bridge as you have given us a lot of info to absorb. After that I plan to take your other two classes.
Thanks again for this great class.
– Barbara

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