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Instructor: Jon Canfield Duration: 4 Weeks Cost: US$129

Luminar is an advanced photo editing tool from Skylum. Able to be used on its own, or as a plug-in for popular applications like Photoshop, Lightroom, and Apple Photos, Luminar can handle all of your typical photo editing needs whether you’re on a Mac or a Windows PC. And, like Lightroom and Apple Photos, all of your edits are non-destructive. You can go back to your original image at any time. I got tired of the subscription model for Lightroom and Photoshop and discovered Luminar can handle almost all of my editing needs. 

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Not sure yet? Download the free 30 day trail to see if Luminar can be your go- to editing tool. 

In this class, we’ll cover all of the major features of Luminar 4, from cataloging images to using the essential editing tools, and then diving into the advanced features. 

In this 4 week class, we’ll cover the major features of Luminar 4 and show you you can take your photos to the next level with the powerful AI tools and other controls. 

Areas covered include:

  • Libraries and Catalogs
  • Essential editing controls
  • Using the Creative Controls
  • Masking for precisely editing areas of your image
  • Using and creating Looks (presets) to speed your workflow
  • Using the powerful Layers Tools for even more control over your image
  • Using the Portrait and Face tools
  • Unlocking the full power with the Pro panel

Take your images from average to compelling in just a couple of steps. Turn a blah empty skyline into something more dramatic with a single click – Luminar even adjusts the lighting to match the new sky. 

Recover more highlight detail, and sharpen fine areas of your images without looking over sharpened. Go from before to after with Looks, saving time.


Overexposed to soft and compelling with tools like Mystical 


Portraits can be be some of the most difficult images to edit, but Luminar has a number of tools to help. Just a few clicks to go from before to after: 


Instructor: Jon Canfield

Jon is the author of a number of books on digital photography and a popular instructor at workshops where he is known for his knowledge of raw image processing and printing. He has spent the last six years with Apple working on the cameras used in iPhone and iPad. Prior to that, Jon contributed to digital imaging products at Microsoft. He has consulted with a number of companies, including Nikon, Canon, HP, and Pantone.

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