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Instructor: Holly Higbee-Jansen Duration: 4 Weeks Cost: US$129

In this 4 week class, learn the ins and outs of Cloud based Lightroom desktop and Lightroom for Mobile and how to sync across all of your devices at your desk or on the go.

Easy-to-use sliders and presets let you create photos that look just the way you want. Start on mobile, web, or desktop — your edits will be automatically applied across all of your devices.

The objective of this class is to learn to use the organization and editing functions of the cloud based Lightroom and seamlessly sync your edits and collections between your devices.
In each class, we will be working with both the desktop and mobile versions of Lightroom so you can see how the whole system works together.

You will learn how to use Lightroom’s powerful photo search and organizational features to find any photo you might need. Lightroom makes it easy to search out images with intuitive search functions along with the addition of your own keywords and star ratings. Adobe Sensei machine learning recognizes people and themes, making it a snap to find a photo or create an album.

You will learn how to edit your photos to make them look their best. Even a small amount of editing can work wonders and set your photos apart from the crowd. We will explore some one-click editing options, learn how to solve some of the most common photo problems, and also learn about some of the more advanced editing tools in Lightroom.

You will learn how to export your photos and create watermarks with Lightroom and Lightroom for Mobile. We will talk about creating and sharing via a simple social media post, email or Lightroom web albums. We’ll also explore the community and learning resources that are built right in to Lightroom. 
We will talk about traveling with Lightroom Mobile and how to upload pictures directly to your device and have them show up on Lightroom V.4 when you return to your desktop computer.

This class is for Lightroom Adobe Photoshop Lightroom V.4.0 and Lightroom for Mobile.
If you are interested in our Adobe Lightroom Classic Class, sign up here for my Lightroom Quickstart Class.

Included in this 4-Week class:

Importing and exporting images
Image organization
Albums and Folders
Navigating through the menu items
Editing and key wording
Working with Raw images
White balance
Balancing contrast with Highlights and Shadows tools
Mastering curves
Using the Adjustment Brush tools
Sharpening and noise reduction
Converting to black and white
Use of editing presets
Creating Albums
Sharing images

Course Requirements:

Instructor: Holly Higbee-Jansen

Holly Higbee-Jansen is a photographer, workshop leader, trainer, blogger, and speaker and who enjoys teaching photography and the creative process.

Holly has worked in creative fields all her life. Her passion for art, photography and design started as a young girl when her family attended photography workshops with Ansel Adams in Yosemite. Their conversations around the dinner table were about image composition and where their next photographic adventure would be.

Over the years, Holly began showing her photography in local art shows and galleries and sold it for use in numerous design projects. Much of Holly’s work hangs in private and corporate art collections such as State Farm Insurance and Sysco Food Services Corporate offices in California.

Holly’s passion is teaching group and private photographic workshops along with her husband Mark Jansen through Jansen Photo Expeditions. Their photographic intensive field guided workshops offer beginning to advanced landscape photographers the tools they need to capture the beauty of amazing natural locations throughout California, the American West, and Iceland.

For a complete list of current workshops go to:

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Holly also teaches:

Lightroom Quickstart


Do you want to learn to create images that show the beauty of the scene you saw when you took the photograph? Do you want to learn the other essential side of digital photography, photo editing and get up to speed quickly?

This course is designed to get you up and running FAST in this incredibly powerful program. In this two week information packed class, you will learn how to import, organize and perform simple and effective editing processes that will let you produce beautiful adjustments to your pictures.


iPhone Photography
In this class, we will introduce you to the magic of iPhone photography using several shooting and editing apps that will give you the ability to make your pictures sing in a fun and easy way.You will learn how to crop, change saturation, brightness and affect the overall look of your pictures with HDR, drama and grunge filters and other techniques. You will be amazed at the simple and effective methods.





Student Testimonials: 

“Can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed the class.  Up until now I’ve carried my Canon EOS 80D wherever I go and only rarely shot with my iPhone.  But thanks to you I’ve discovered a wonderful world of options and now have great fun playing with my iPhone. It’s definitely addictive!  Many thanks for your generosity with your time, your patience, and introducing me to this exciting new photography tool. ” 

 All the best,



“I just wanted to say thanks for all the information and critiques on the iPhone class. Very helpful, and lots of fun to learn about all the post processing we can do right on our phone. I am glad to learn how to use that “camera we always have with us”. I can think of many times in the past when I wish I knew about Camera +. And now I have many other options too!”  
Thanks again,
Laurie E.  – Ojai, CA


“I have to say that class was awesome. I have been shooting, lets call it event photography with my
phone at our local bars shooting our favorite local bands. Everyone loves the images I now create and I am displaying some at our local Art Show. Thank you again for this class!!!! I hope you teach another one, maybe part two!”

Paul C. – Brooklyn, NY


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