We continue sharing the best work of our PHOTOGRAPHING FLORA students. Last time we were presenting green color, which is very common in the nature.

But today let’s have a look on much less common color in Flora world – and that is a color BLUE! Just for fun – try to close your eyes and think about all the blue flowers you know…

Done? What you got? Two, three? Iris? Hyacint? Well, if you would start exploring online, you might be surprised how many there are in blue.

Nevertheless, blue IS the rarest flower color, seen on only 10 percent of the 280,000 flowering plants on Earth. This has to do with the fact that there is no blue pigment in the plant kingdom and colors that appear to be blue are actually permutations of violet or purple.

And that’s why we are always so positively surprised by plethora of amazing assignments in blue color taken by our students in PHOTOGRAPHING FLORA classes – that’s why we would like to share them with you!


And what do our students say about Photographing Flora class?

I really like the way you teach.  I learn so much from your critiques and have watched all of them.  You are a great educators.  I am looking forward to the next class.
Leslie Hammond

Thanks Monika & Patrik. Great class! Learned quite a lot from your extensive workshop materials, and challenging assignments. My floral photography endeavors will continue to improve.
Jay Salzman

I enjoyed experimenting with all these techniques! Wonderful class! Thank you!
Anna Blatterman

I’ve enjoyed this class and cannot believe four weeks have gone by! Over the course of the month I’ve tried many of the techniques! Thank you so much. Focusing on flowers and photography has helped divert attention from world problems and the disruption of life.
Glenda G


PHOTOGRAPHING FLORA class begins July 3rd, please join us here and learn how to photograph Flora too (and not only in blue color 😉 ).

We are looking forward to meeting you in class!

Patrik and Monika Banas

Disclaimer: We are big St. Louis Blues fans – so our love towards blue is biased 😉


Jana Jezkova


Heather Sugioka


Holly Middagh


Lynn Riding


Michaela Nesvadbova


Tomas Feller


K. Leslie Hammond


Mariel W


Darja Nezvalova


Darja Nezvalova