What students are saying about Bryan Peterson and his courses:

Understanding Exposure
Understanding Composition
Understanding Composition: Beyond the Basics
The Art of Seeing
Understanding Close Up Photography
Photographing People: Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere
Understanding Color

Bryan PetersonThis has definitely been a great class! I don’t know if any other online class will ever be better than what we had these 8 weeks. Confession: When I first saw there was nearly 48 people enrolled in this class I thought the teachers were going to be spread thin and would have to rush through critiques…. BUT… having a group this size made the class! (i.e. ideas, interaction, encouragement…) Bryan and Chris are fantastic teachers. Their class was much more than I expected.(Thank you!)


I’ve taken quite a few online classes on different things and this group has been so wonderful-and Bryan and Chris, all I can say is WOW! I’ve learned more in this class than I could have possibly imagined. Your teamwork is great-all questions answered and all photos critiqued both honestly and gently in a very timely manner.


I took a class elsewhere; the instructor was often very late with our critiques. BPSOP has solved that problem by assigning TWO instructors to each class – and guaranteeing on time deliver of critiques. We are having soooooo much fun in Bryan’s class right now. This class is wonderful!


I wanted to tell you all how much I am enjoying viewing everyone’s work in this class and how inspiring it is to see so many beautiful and interesting photographs! I’m also learning so much by reading Bryan and Chris’ comments on everyone’s photos. Thanks instructors and students for creating such an energizing online community. I wasn’t sure how the online format would feel as a class compared to an in-person class, but I am loving it!

-Susan G

Bryan/Chris, Thank you so much for the bonus lessons. Both of them are subjects I’ve been curious about. Also, just wanted to let you know what a FANTASTIC class this is. Your presentation of the information and interaction with the class are wonderful. The Q & A section is another great source of info. And, getting to know and learn with people from all over the world is just plain fun! Many thanks to both of you.


Yes, my ultra thanks too. It’s been wonderful, Bryan/Chris you two have a great encouraging style and I respond quite well to it. I also love the energy of the students in this class.


It sure was a great class! I learned more in 8 weeks than I have since I owned my camera (almost 2 years!) It has become part of my day to check this site… Thanks to all of you for your informative input and good luck to all!


I have had so much fun learning exposure from you guys. Learning is one thing, but gaining the confidence in your abilities is also very important. Through your teachings, Q&A area, and critical evaluations, I have not only learned, but have truly gained confidence in shooting. Thanks! You guys are the best!


Do you ever sleep? Bryan and Chris, I want to thank you both for a wonderful eight weeks filled with great information. Our questions were answered quickly and the critiques were delivered in a timely and encouraging manner. Bryan, your enthusiasm is infectious. How did the two of you find the time to do this, plus travel abroad, refine this site and manage the other classes you taught? How did you find the time to sleep


When I started this course, I had NEVER used the manual setting on any camera. Now that I’ve completed the course, I haven’t taken it off manual. I have really appreciated all the encouragement from Bryan and Chris, but also from fellow students. It can be REALLY intimidating for a brand new photographer to mix in with the amazing talent that a lot of you have shown in this class, but I have learned a lot from you as well. I still have tons to learn from these lessons (which is great because I feel it is a course that will keep on teaching long after it is over) but I now feel so much more confidant in my ability to get a great exposure every time.

This may seem rather silly but at the start of the course I was hoping to get just 1 “perfect picture” from Bryan, lol kind of like that little gold star, I did end up with several but I’m even more happy with the knowledge I am now armed with about how to achieve them.

Sorry such a long way to say that this course is the best, I’ve recommended it everywhere and every time I’ve had the chance. Can’t wait to take some more.


Many Thanks Bryan and Chris I just wanted to say thank you for all your helpful advice. I have learned so much from this course. It is amazing how my photography keeps improving, especially now that I actually know what I am doing – well a lot more than before I took this course! Thanks also to the rest of you; it’s great to learn from fellow students too. There are some great photographers out there – keep shooting and best of luck!


I can’t begin to tell you how much I learned and how much fun this class was! Bryan and Chris are passionate photographers and their sense of humor alone is worth the cost of the class:) I highly recommend this class and can’t wait to take my next class at BPSOP.


I’m very happy I came over to BPSOP and invited some other friends to join in too. I think this school has some of the most fantastic photographer / instructors around. And it offers a broad array of diverse classes in a casual yet professional atmosphere.


What a great place! Kudos to everyone. I just can’t get over all the great photographs and talent in just this class. I just wanted to say thanks to Bryan and Robert. BPSOP is so incredible. Just the interaction alone with the other students in the class makes this a wonderful school. I just wanted to say thanks to all for everyone’s critiques and if this is how it is after not even 2 weeks, I can’t imagine how great it’s going to be by the end of 8 weeks.


“Well, I went out today with my model release forms and actually got 6 out of 8 people to willingly volunteer. Bryan, I followed your advice and it worked like a charm! I actually didn’t follow your advice on the two that turned me down :). I actually feel like I’ve jumped over a major hurdle…what a relief! If I wasn’t psyched before, you can believe I am now! I can honestly say that the first lesson alone has made this course already worth every penny to me. Thank you so much.


“I have been getting comments already today from both of my friends in the class about the first lesson. We have learned more in the first lesson then we did in 8 weeks at the other place! The layout looks great. It is easy to take a quick peek and see what we need and what is available to see. I like that. I hate missing photos because I don’t know they are there to see.”


“Why take the class when I’ve read the book?” some may ask. Reading Bryan Peterson’s books opened up a new understanding and comprehension for photographic elements that other books simply had not done. I’d read tons of books, messed around on my own for years and while many thought my images were good, it was not until taking his Understanding Exposure class that I saw a dramatic change in my images – and people started asking to buy them. The class provided the motivation through assignments to get out and practice what was learned on the spot so the next time out shooting, instead of asking myself “what was it I’d read I should do in this situation?”, I knew. The open forum feedback from Bryan and other classmates where your images worked well or how to improve them next time was invaluable. Bryan’s teaching style is as wonderful as his books – he truly enjoys helping people improve their skills. The best advice I have for aspiring photographers who ask me how I learned my skills – take one of Bryan’s classes!


“Bryan is awesome!! He has totally de-mystified shooting in manual mode to get the “creatively correct” exposure in ANY natural lighting situation. Despite the complex and technical aspects of this topic, his explanations are clear and simple and are backed up with great examples. In each lesson, he builds your understanding with true hands on proof – not just theory. Before this class, I shot only in aperture priority mode or in fully automatic mode – I was totally intimidated by manual mode. Bryan had us set it in manual mode on the very first class and I have never looked back. This class is a MUST for every photographer – even if you have read his books. Thank you Bryan for helping me develop a skill I will use for a lifetime.”


“Bryan Peterson’s “Understanding Exposure” course gave me what no photography book ever did – informative, professional feedback. His lessons are packed with creative and technical advice and his critiques are kind(!) yet uncompromisingly fair. I have enjoyed my digital cameras for years but after this course of putting specific instruction to field use, I truly feel like I know my equipment and what it can do now. Thanks, Bryan, for 8 weeks that improved my photography knowledge by years!”


“Bryan is not only a talented photographer, he is a great communicator. His weekly lessons were clear, to the point, fun and challenging. Who would have thought I’d leave this course with so many ‘insider’ tips?! Another bonus…his sense of humor…worth the price of admission. Another thing I really appreciated was his prompt critiques. Highly recommend the course.”


Bryan & Chris,

What a great class. I just want to tell you how much I learned by taking this course. I have been shooting for more than 20 years and an avid fan of you and your photography. I needed something to jump start my photography since I retired recently, and this course was exactly what I needed. I recommend this course to anyone wanting to start learning or needs a refresher. Thank you so much for the work you do in helping your students become much better photographers. On to the next class and as I say to you both, “you keep teaching”.

-John O’Brien