VF Foto Magnetic Filters

You can order magnetic filters here:

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High ISO Noise Reduction

Shooting during the “Blue Hour” – after sunset, or before sunrise means setting up a tripod for the long exposure times you will need.  But, sometimes it’s not possible to set up a tripod; the location may be too crowded, there may be rules against setting up a tripod at your location, or maybe you just forgot to bring it along.

Here is a way to rescue the situation by shooting hand-held at really high ISO, with very little noise.

Top 5 Tools in Lightroom

Lightroom Classic has evolved over the last while to include a rich set of tools in the develop module.  Photoshop is still better at somethings than Lightroom, complex selections and masking, for example, but I find little reason to round trip to Photoshop for perhaps 95% of the work that I do.  Some of the more powerful features in the Lightroom Develop module are I think, under utilized or misunderstood. So, in the video here I’d like to show you some of these, in the hope that you will find them useful, as well.

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  • I just finished The Real Photoshop Course with Rick and I just wanted to let you know that this is a great course. I’m a newbie to Photoshop and like others it can be some what intimidating. (it was for me LOL) You really made it easy to understand and you help too ease the fear of using certain functions in Photoshop. Absolutely love this course.!!! I would highly recommend this course to all who either struggle or feel intimated by Photoshop. Rick's enthusiasm and love to teach others makes learning easy. Looking forward to seeing more of Rick as part of the BPSOP family. Read More
    John O'Brien The Real Photoshop Course
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