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Instructor: Brit Hammer Duration: 4 Weeks Cost: US$129

Learn how to shoot from your heart.

Each and every day you wake up, the world offers you much more than fresh coffee and tea — the world offers you a bounty of image making possibilities! Find out where to look and how to see and capture these amazing shots, including the beauty of simply pouring your cup of tea.

In this course Brit shows you how to celebrate the moments of your life in your images and will encourage you to go out into the world to find new experiences to capture. She’ll also gently nudge, poke, and prod you to open up your eyes to see the potential shots waiting just for you!

You won’t just develop an eye for taking good pictures, you’ll learn how to put your heart and soul into your photography. By the end of this 4-week course, you’ll have a series of images showing another side of your life — one that you didn’t know was there. You’ll also see new photographic possibilities all around you, no matter what your skill level or camera you use!

Lesson 1: Learn to see the moment

Course Outline:

What to look for?
Show your interpretation of a scene rather than documenting it
Get closer
Go on an adventure

Lesson 2: Composition Framing
Negative space
Camera angle
Leading lines

Lesson 3: Create emphasis Light / shadows / reflections
Depth of Field

Lesson 4: Tell your story Image selection
Creating a visual story
Image variety
Detail and overview shots

Course Requirement:

This course is for photographers of all skill levels and ages who have a desire to capture beauty in-camera. You may use any digital camera (phone, point & shoot, iPad, or DSLR) as long as you know how to use it.

Instructor: Brit Hammer

Brit HammerBrit Hammer is an international award-winning photographer, bestselling author, and a celebrated artist whose work has aptly been called “fresh and optimistic”. Brit’s photographs have been featured in dozens of international lifestyle magazines and design blogs.

Teaching photography online since 2012, Brit’s students love her “combination of extensive and well-organized photographic design principles,…intuitive eye, patience, enthusiasm and holistic nurturing” because the results are “unbelievably incredible and inspiring student growth!”

Brit doesn’t just teach you the function of taking good pictures, she teaches you how to put your heart and soul into your photography. She takes the time to think about each image before offering feedback and tells you what she sees and feels — and asks questions to get you thinking. Brit will also tell you what you did right and what could be better — and how to improve it.

For more information on Brit’s work and courses, please see her website

What students are saying

“Thank you for a very inspiring and eye-opening course! I have started to see things around me in a different way. Another thing that has changed is that I now take many more pictures of the same subject and study it from different perspectives and angles. The first shot is rarely the best one. So I look forward to taking many more pictures and hopefully getting some different shots than the ones I normally take. The course material, both the written lessons and the videos, was beautiful, personal and inspiring! Also the critiques were great – you see much more than I would have noticed myself, and I have learned a lot from that.” — Kari Stette

“Brit is the photography teacher I have blossomed under the most. She gently pushed me to be better, to connect with my creations & to make it mean something. She taught me that you can create the life you want by focusing on what you seek & that by focusing your photos on the things you want most in life, you create the most intimate photos &  connection with the viewer. I personally seek to create beauty and to evoke feelings through my photos and Brit taught me that starts with getting clear on what those things mean to me first. She takes you through the journey of telling a story with your photos & the basics of what curating really means. I never knew how an artist started the journey to connect with an individual style but Brit has taught me where that journey begins.” — Nix Rufener

“I found this course to be a very creative course. I’ve learned how to express the mood I want in simple, precious and everyday moments by using light and composition. It has made me feel more self-confident about my own personal style and has helped me go beyond my limits.” — Katherine Papageorgiou

“I learned a lot in this course. I learned to explore camera angles to get more interesting shots. I learned to pay more attention to details and really focus on what I want to show in each picture. But most importantly, I learned how fun it can be to capture shots of my everyday life. I love having my camera out and this gave me a reason to have it with me all the time!” — Kelly Bevilacqua

“I’ve taken many classes. With the way Brit taught and explained things, I finally said ‘I get it’. She made me enjoy taking photographs.” — Neil Bifulco

“After taking your course, I now understand more about ‘getting close, closer, super close’ and how to make pictures with story. It is a great learning experience and I am amazed that I have learned so much. Thank you so much for your kindness and patience. I also like how you gave critiques: you were candid and honest, but at the same time you applied the 3:1 principle (three good things and one area of improvement) to our pictures. I listened to all your critiques of others’ pictures as well.” — Mei Wu

“This class is my all time favorite. I had fun learning and taking photos of my everyday life. I appreciate
​Brit working and encouraging me — I know that grew me a lot as a photographer, and it was great for me to see my own work improving each week. Thank you very much for that.”  — Margaret Finelt

“What did I get out of the course? Oh my! So very much! I have gotten photos I would have never taken without the course…photos that I love! So many more than I chose for the critiques. Celebrate Your Life in Beautiful Images is very unique. It showed me how to find and take better images of MY life, not for anyone else. I’ve taken quite a few photography courses over the years and this has been a wonderful addition with many unique insights. I also enjoyed the video critiques where Brit was able to SHOW me what she meant versus just words. Thanks, Brit, for a wonderful course.” — Suzanne Gmirek
“​I ​really enjoyed this class with

​Brit and her way of instruction and video critiques. I truly had an epiphany moment when she showed me the several different images within my image. I remember saying ​’wow’ out loud. ‘Look at all the different pictures that all stand on their own!'”
— Cheryl Schuler
“I learned that when the photographer can loosen up and let the creative juices flow, the resulting images will have a ‘grabbing’ effect on the viewer, images that are a bit different from the rest. Get close, closer, and closest is what Brit encouraged us to do with our subjects! I will integrate this approach into my photography, as I was very happy with the results.” – Gail Kursel

“I loved the freedom of knowing that all the craziness of my life is, indeed, worth celebrating. The best part of the class, of course, is Brit. Her video critiques of our work were thorough and encouraging, and she always talked through several scenarios of how to improve on the photo or to build on the photo with other additional shots that could be taken. The lessons were full of thought provoking questions to challenge us to not only think about our photography differently but also to think about our lives differently. While our assignments were designed to celebrate our life, the techniques and thought processes that Brit taught could be applied to any kind of shooting. There was tremendous freedom in the course, and in fact, for the final lesson when we were creating a story with images, I shot all my images with my iPhone while enjoying a date with my husband and he didn’t even know it. 🙂  Now that’s what I call being able to celebrate your life in beautiful images!” — Pam Bonney

“Being relatively new to the photography world, I was having a difficult time deciding what type of photographer I would like to become.  Brit‘s course forced me to 1) take a lot of pictures, 2) try different angles, and 3) (my favorite) ‘get close, closer, even closer’.  Her genuine interest in my pictures and her feedback as far as improving the end result was invaluable. I truly enjoyed this course.” — Suzanne Meier

“Brit’s class ‘Celebrate Your Life With Beautiful Images’ opened my eyes not only to the beauty of my everyday life outside my home, but inside as well. I learned to get much closer and to use different angles when I photograph the beautiful things I see going on in my life. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to create images that evoke feelings and that tell a story. For without that, many images go flat.” – Lynne Daley