Jill Flynn

What students are saying about Jill Flynn and her course:

Jill is an inspiring teacher who challenged me to work with the light, strive for
excellence, and continually improve. She is very responsive to class members’ questions
and her critiques enabled me to expand my perspective and enhance the quality of
my work as a professional pet photographer. I highly recommend this course!

– Cynthia Wood

I strongly recommend the Pet Photography course to anyone who enjoys being around
domestic animals and who wants to learn more about how to make high-quality pet
photographs. Also, for those considering pet photography as a business, the course
provides a cost-effective way to experience the challenges of photographing other
peopleís pets, and to learn about what’s required beyond good photography skills
. The learning material, weekly assignments and instructor guidance/feedback significantly
improved my pet photography skills and enhanced my ability to make informed decisions
regarding the possibility of a pet photography business in my future.

– Charlie Jones

Jill’s pet photography class is one of the best photography classes I’ve ever taken.
Her lessons were comprehensive and easy to understand, and the photos she uses to
demonstrate the concepts are stunning. Her critiques are thorough and timely, as
are her answers to any questions; it was obvious that she spent a lot of time on
her critiques and answers. My pet photography improved dramatically as a result
of taking her class; I only wish it had been eight weeks instead of four.

– Ellen Zangla

I learned an enormous amount in this 4-week class. Jill’s passion for photographing
pets is exciting and inspiring, and her knowledge base runs deep. She puts a tremendous
amount of thought and encouragement into every photograph that she critiques. Even
when I felt my work for the week was just ok, not terrific, she found positive things
that I could build on and presented her views in such a caring way that it always
inspired me to try harder the next week. She’s a gifted teacher and I wish she offered
additional classes.

– Donna M. Plaski

I have been doing photography for 5 years now and have taken several classes. I
decided to take Jill’s class for fun and because I love to take pictures of my beautiful
dog, Rudy. Turns out I learned ALOT…. Jill had very good points and really made
me look at my work in a different way. I love learning and growing in photography
and this class was a great class and would recommend it highly!

– Kathy Owen

The pet portrait class has been a tremendous learning experience. You challenged
me to look at my photos with a more critical eye and to see details that will make
me a better photographer. I knew from the first lesson that the class was going
to be light years better than others I’ve taken. Your attention to the individual
students baseline skill levels is outstanding and is part of what makes you such
a great instructor… that and the fact that you are an outstanding photographer.
Thank you for the excellent class and for your help as I continue my journey from
hobbyist to photographer.

– Kim Stephenson

This is an amazing course! A great learning experience. I enjoy all the lessons
and taking the photos for the assignments. Jill is a great teacher, I really like
how detail her critiques were, they help so much. I now see totally different how
I want to take each photo. You learn what to look for, specially the light. Learn
how to photograph animals and get powerful results. I had an amazing time.

– Adriana

Great class, what fun! And I really enjoy the happiness I can give people now with
a nice portrait of their pet. Your lessons were just the right mix of composition
and lighting tips, how to interact with the pets and their owners, and the business
of pet photography. Perhaps one of the best aspects of the class was getting your
feedback on the homework assignments which always contained encouraging praise mixed
with areas for improvement.

– Lee Hobbins

Jill – this has been a TERRIFIC class! I have learned so much from you! You’ve put
your heart and soul into teaching this class and I appreciate all you’ve shared
with us! This is my third pet photography class and while the others were good,
this one has been GREAT!! It’s just what I was looking for!! You’re critiques have
been honest and fair, and have given us all something to strive for on our next
photo shoot. Not only did I learn a lot, but I have some extra special photos of
our Golden Retrievers from this class!! I do hope that there’s an Advanced Pet Photography
class taught by Jill Flynn here at BPSOP in the works – I would definitely sign

– Kay B

Jill, I know that from the first lesson, you challenged me, and I found things I
never thought to look for. I’t has been a rewarding class for me, and gives me the
extra motivation to move forward and grow with something I truly love and want to
be part of my life. I love pets and want to capture what their owner sees in them,
All pet lover’s know that look, I just want them to have it forever. Thanks Jill,
you are inspiring. Many Happy Journeys. You Go Girl!

– Susan Hensley-Yates

I took the pet photography course on BPSOP with Jill Flynn and can’t stop thinking
about it. It has certainly opened my eyes to a whole new perspective on animal photography.
It is complete with lessons from backdrops to business advice. Jill’s critiques
are very honest yet compassionate and she makes everyone feel like they belong in
her class. The only negative thing I can say about the class is that as of right
now there is not a level II pet photography class with Jill.

– Joe Lilly

A wonderful class to learn to create timeless images of some of our favorite furry
friends. Thank you so much for all the inspiration!!

– D. Hammons

Jill, this has been a wonderful class. Your critiquing is absolutely wonderful.
I would highly recommend it to anyone. I have learned so much. You include info
for those that want to move on to a business and those that want to enjoy capturing
the pets they love for just a hobby. Great job on your first class.

– Robyn

Jill, thank you for a wonderful class! I have learned so much in such a short time!
Your comments and critiques are invaluable and help me see things from a different
perspective. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in
pursuing pet photography! Thanks so much!

– Gabriela

Jill, I am really surprised at how much I have learned! Many of the mysteries that
I just couldn’t pull out of portrait lighting books has been solved. I think the
combination of your informative, straight forward lessons, being able to ask questions
as I complete the assignments, and then your encouraging yet direct critiques (with
many creative post processing suggestions) have made this such a successful class
for me. I have only taken 4 online classes, all at BPSOP, and this has been by far
the best learning experience. I look forward to building the pet portrait side of
my business into a successful, fulfilling, HAPPY part of my business. Thanks again
for the knowledge, inspiration & confidence.

– D. Fuller

I cannot say enough good things about Jill Flynn and her Pet Photography class.
In four short weeks I learned more than I dreamed possible. I love the way Jill
challenges you, and finds the fine details in critiquing. Her lesson plans are clear
and informative, and her love of animals is just icing on the cake. I would highly
recommend this course to anyone thinking of going into pet photography as a business,
or just wanting to take better pictures of your own pets. Thank you, Jill.. it was
a real pleasure.

– Terri

Your class is amazing, truly! It is just what my heart has been waiting for.

– Janet

Jill, this class just flew by. I thank you for a great class, I have learned so
much from your great critiques and lessons. You have also gone over and above just
critiques with your responses to all of our questions and ideas. I feel that even
though it was only 4 lessons, what I’ve learned is invaluable and I think it has
made me think more and step up my work to produce something much more special than
what I was doing before this class.

– Laura

Wow! Jill is great . She taught a wonderful class – I would highly recommend this
class to anyone. Her comments and critiques were extremely helpful. Thanks for offering
the class and instructor.

– Sandy M

Jill, I want to thank you for an absolutely wonderful course! Your lessons were
filled with valuable information, and I was so impressed with the way you interacted
with your students! You are obviously very dedicated to what you do. Your critiques
were thorough and thoughtful, and always very encouraging! I’ve considered pursuing
professional pet photography for some time, but I wasn’t sure I had the required
skills or artistic flair. After four weeks in your course, I feel confident, enthusiastic
and ready to pursue my goal!

– Cindie Fearnall

I just wanted to say that the pet photography class at BPSOP has been the best investment
I’ve made as far as education goes. The lesson material given is very informative,
every aspect of photographing pets is talked about. I found the lesson critiques
to be very helpful and liked that I could learn from others in the class also. Jill
has a great eye for the details in pets and teach’s how to bring them out in photo’s.
I would definately recommend this class! Thanks Jill for all your help and advice.

– Jackie Petersen

I have taken several online photography courses and this one has been the most helpful.
Jill’s lessons are very in-depth and her critiques are extremely helpful. I have
really enjoyed her helpful suggestions on how to improve my photography!

– Laurie Parker

Jill’s course is not only lots of fun but one of the most detailed and useful photo
courses I’ve taken. Her lessons are well-written and easy to follow, and packed
with enough info for an eight-week course at twice the price. Jill’s critiques are
honest, positive, and encouraging — she gently tells you what needs improvement
and then how to fix it. I feel armed with knowledge to start a pet photography business
now! Thank you, Jill!

– Janis

Jill’s Pet Photography class was so much more than I expected. Her personal attention
to each of her students was evident in her critiques, her quick responses to questions
on the Q&A board, and her openness to provide further feedback to her students even
after the class had wrapped up. I appreciated in particular the practical information
she shared on how to start a business and how to volunteer services for an animal
shelter, etc. I also loved that her critiques ranged on topics from composition
and technical details to post-production and tips on equipment. Her class really
covered everything. I would love take another class from Jill, even if it means
re-taking the same class, because it was such an inspiring course and I know there
is so much more to learn from her.

– Anna R

Although I got off to a really slow start in this class, I have learned so much!
I’ve never approached photography from the formal settings of portraiture, and I
really gained an appreciation for the discipline required to achieve a good result.
Your critiques were invaluable–I learned from everyone’s photos, not just my own.
I like your style of telling us both the good aspects of our photographs and those
that could be improved on (and how to go about it!). Your encouragement has convinced
me to keep working toward my goal, which I now believe is achievable. I am inspired
to gather the equipment I need, keep taking photographs, and remember that “it’s
all about the light.” Thanks so much Jill!

– Debra

Thank you for such a fantabulous class Jill! I have learned an incredible amount.
Even studio stuff doesn’t seem quite as scary as it had before. (I even went so
far as ordering a background stand for hanging my white bed sheet! I’m that inspired!
I have come away from this class with more confidence, a much better ability to
“see”and to use light in a more creative way, and the ability to view my photos
critically. My work has never been this focused. Thanks again Jill!

– Allison

Jill, thanks you for a truly great class. You packed a tremendous amount of information
in just four weeks! I loved your tips, techniques and creative approaches! You also
have a real gift for critiquing by both noting the positive aspects of the image
and also challenging me with ways to improve the quality of that image. Thanks again!

– Jim

Jill’s class opened up a whole new dimension of photography for me. I went from
taking “snap shots” of pets to photographing them the way a professional would.
Her critiques were timely and factual. She took the time to re-work many student’s
photo so that the class could actually see what lighting, exposure, cropping, and
processing could do for an image. This was by far one of the most informative and
fun classes that I have taken.

– Jeanette Hill

Jill, a heartfelt thank you for helping me to find the light. I am very grateful
for the instruction and feedback that you provided. Your passion for what you do
is very apparent in both your work and the commitment that you demonstrate to your
students by providing detailed responses and feedback to our questions and assignments.
I learned a lot from your course, Jill, and it also brought me much joy. So, I thank
you for that. If you’re looking for the light, take Jill’s course! She taught me
how to “see” the highlights and shadows that can add a dimension of mood to your
photos. Jill has a keen ability to be able to recognize your personal picture-taking
style and interests and her feedback is very constructive and insightful. I give
Jill and her course top marks!

– D. Hynes

This was my first BPSOP class and was an awesome learning experience. I learned
quite a bit from your critiques on my photos and my classmate’s photos as well.
I can tell you put a lot of thought into your comments and always stressed the positive
elements of our work before letting us know what improvements we might make. I plan
to come back and review the photos and the comments a few times as I fine-tune my
skills. You also gave me insight as to what my photography style might be. And the
tip about working with animal shelters was a fantastic idea. Thank you for sharing
your experience, creative abilities, your love and appreciation of animals with

– Michael Bailey

Thank you very much for a great course! I enjoyed the lessons and assignments –
I’m sorry to see it end (Wish there was a Part 2!). I really appreciate your advice
and thoughtful critiques – I feel that my photos and confidence have improved and
I plan to continue with Pet Photography. Thank you again!

– Terri S.

What a wonderful course. I’m so glad I took it. The lessons were really comprehensive.
The critiques were honest, constructive and supportive. I feel like I’ve learned
a lot more then I expected or hoped to. I look forward to taking a follow up course
if it’s offered. Thanks again.

– Audra Gullo

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