What students are saying about Kerry Drager and his courses:

Understanding Composition

Understanding Composition: Beyond the Basics

Thank you for a fantastic course! Your instruction was inspiring, and your critiques of my images really helped me start to see the details in my compositions, and to work harder at perfecting each photo. Thanks again for a great class, I enjoyed it very much!

–Daryl Simon 

Thank you for this course! All your critiques have been very helpful for me. Thanks for answering my questions and for your kind words. All that meant a lot to me, and it has been a real pleasure to participate in this class!

–Barbara Michalowska

Kerry, your composition class has been fantastic! It was just what I needed to get me out of my photographic funk. Your written lessons with fabulous photos and Bryan’s videos were excellent. I found your critiques of my own and other students’ work extremely valuable. Thanks for being such a great teacher!

–Sue Moran Thole

Thanks for all the great feedback. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and appreciate all of your guidance!

–Glenn Massarotti

I thoroughly enjoyed your course, which added much to my photographic education! You are an excellent teacher — combining knowledge, fantastic examples, and very skillful critiques. Best wishes to you for continued success!

–Jay Salzman

Thank you very much for such a wonderful and challenging course on composition. You are a Triple A instructor! The lessons, assignments and critiques really boosted my creativity, and I learned about my flaws and my strengths. Kerry, you were always readily available even though we are miles apart, in different time zones. I also enjoyed the company of other course participants and the interactions we developed. Understanding Composition: Beyond the Basics helped me reach a new level. Thank you!

–Jacques Fleury

Thank you, Kerry, for a really good class! Your perceptive (yet gentle) critiques have really helped. I’m hopefully now sweating the small stuff better! And thanks to my fellow students for sharing some great pics and also sharing their learning opportunities with the rest of us.

–Karen P.

Let me say how much I have enjoyed your two “Understanding Composition” courses! I took the first class in January and have just finished the “Beyond the Basics” class. I learned so very much!

–Jane Ross

Thank you for a wonderful class. I look forward to using my new skills!

–Patty T.

I really enjoyed this course on composition a lot and learned again as always! Have just been through some more of your critiques for others in class – I also love to learn by seeing work of classmates. A big “thank you” for a great four weeks! You are always kind and never discouraging! This has been wonderful and helps a lot!!

– Séverine Blaise

Thank you so much for your critiques. You had a large class, but you managed to interact with each of us as though the class were small. I appreciate all the time you spent on my work. BPSOP provides me with education and professional critiques, but it also pushes me to get out there to deliver the best, fresh images I’m capable of, rain or shine. Thank you, Kerry, and thanks to BPSOP!

– Mike Ferrari

This course certainly taught me to compose differently, to look for color, contrast, and a theme to each picture. Sometimes I have very little time but I just “keep shooting”. Thank you so much for your time, Kerry!

– Eva Golecka

Thank you so much for your helpful and instructional feedback in the critiques. Thank you also for answering all my questions in this forum!

– Leslie Somogie

I have really enjoyed this class and learned a lot. Thank you so much!

– René

Thank you for an excellent course. The lessons were extremely useful, and your gorgeous photographs were and will continue to be useful inspirations.

– Angela Furtado