How to Use BPSOP:

1. Set up your student profile!
– Go to My Profile on the left sidebar menu and upload an image of yourself, choose a cover image, fill out your camera equipment, photographic interests, what you want to learn & where you live so that instructors and other students can get to know YOU!


2. Need to change your password?
– Navigate to My Profile and click on the Settings tab.

3. How do I begin my Course?!

– Click on My Courses in the left sidebar menu.
– You will see an Active Courses tab & a Completed Courses tab
– Click on the active course you wish to begin! (Complete Courses will show courses you’ve completed in the last year.)
– The next page will show all lessons available for your course.
– Choose Lesson 1 to begin!
– Once a course is completed you can access it in the Completed Courses tab for one year after course completion.

4. How do I upload my assignment and complete a lesson?

– Go to My Courses
– Chose the course you want to submit images for
– Click Take Lesson link for the Lesson you wish to upload an assignment for
– Scroll to the end of the lesson content page and here you will see “Choose File” button to upload photos
– Select your file (be sure it follows the image size & naming convention guidelines!)
– Enter your photo description in the “Description” box below
– You may click Add Another File to upload as many images as necessary & enter their descriptions.
– Finally, click “Upload Project” button to submit the images.
– Once uploaded the page will refresh to the top of the Lesson.
– You can scroll back down to bottom of lesson to view your image uploads or go to My Photos on left sidebar menu to view them in the gallery.
– Click on the image to view your metadata and description. The system automatically extracts your camera metadata but if you need to change it you can update the data & description as necessary.
– When complete click “Update Picture Meta” to save your work.
– Your image is now uploaded and ready for instructor critique!
– Once the instructor critiques your image it will then say “CRITIQUED” underneath the image in red.
– After you have finished uploading your images you must scroll to the end of the lesson and click Complete Lesson! This will then show your progress on the progress bar. This also is how you will receive your completion certificate at the final completion of your course!

5. Still have more questions??
– Visit the FAQ section on the left sidebar menu!
– If you can’t find your answer there, please email us at: [email protected]


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