Thank you to all of the participants who continue submit images to our free online photo critiques! We truly enjoy viewing your images!

This week we are featuring critiques from our BPSOP instructor Holly Higbee-Jansen. Let’s take a look at what she has to say about your work!

Holly Higbee-Jansen’s Photo Critique:


Photos Critiqued

"Slow Shutter Speed Photo" By: Sanoop

“Slow Shutter Speed Photo” By: Sanoop

"Beautiful Rock Formation & 4000 yr old Drawings" By: Marge Pangione

“Beautiful Rock Formation & 4000 yr old Drawings” By: Marge Pangione

"Frames on the Porch" By: Georgette Grossman

“Frames on the Porch” By: Georgette Grossman

"Grand Vista" By: Gary Lange

“Grand Vista” By: Gary Lange

"Lifeguard Stand 2E" By: Swabby111

“Lifeguard Stand 2E” By: Swabby111

Holly Higbee – Jansen Teaches:

Lightroom Quickstart

iPhone Photography