Thank you to all of the participants who have submitted images to our free online photo critiques this year! We truly enjoy viewing your images! We will continue the critique summer 2017.

This week we are featuring critiques from our BPSOP instructor Bobbi Lane. Let’s take a look at what she has to say about your work!

Bobbie Lane’s Photo Critique:


Photos Critiqued

"Another Day at the Office" By: Manny Roman

“Another Day at the Office” By: Manny Roman

"Family Reunion" By: Anne K Yatteau

“Family Reunion” By: Anne K Yatteau

"Sitting Pretty" By: Cindy Wiltse

“Sitting Pretty” By: Cindy Wiltse

"Tired Mom Needs a Break" By: Marion Esposito

“Tired Mom Needs a Break” By: Marion Esposito

"November at Rainbow Falls" By: Rachel Epstein

“November at Rainbow Falls” By: Rachel Epstein