What students are saying about Scott Stulberg and his course:

Eye to Eye: Capturing the Face

Hi Scotty, thank you for a WONDERFUL class. I truly learned to see differently and I’m taking away a wealth of imformation. Your detailed critiques are beyond what I could have ever expected and truly appreciate the time you put into giving us all feedback on our assignments. I’m so sorry for this course to end, but I’m walking away with so much excitement about looking at portraits differently, stepping outside the box and working towards creating more wonderful images because of this class.
….you MUST come up with another class to teach, I hate that this one is ending!
Thank You!


Thank you so much! This was a great class!! I feel like I have learned so much. I think you have taken my photos to a whole new level. Your feedback is wonderful, very well thought out and very helpful. Great class!!


I wanted to thank you for such a great class! I had so much fun! Your lessons were interesting, full of information and examples. You spent a lot of time and energy with very thorough critiques for everyone. It is obvious that you love being a photographer and also a teacher. Your personality shines and your excitement and love for life captured with photography is infectious. Thank you!!! I am so glad, I had the opportunity to take this course with you.


Scotty, I too wish to say thanks for the great course. The lessons were great, and your critiques were detailed, informative and thorough! I love how they also focused on the creative side as well — a photo works or not because of details like background, clothes, etc., but often we don’t understand it at that level. Thanks again!


Thank you, Scotty–for helping me understand the key to taking beautiful pictures of the human face. I am learning just in time — just in time as I moved back with my mother to take care of her in her final days. I try to take as many pictures as possible and I feel as though I am in a footrace with time. God bless you, Scotty and all of my classmates. These past few weeks have been incredible.


The Faces course, as anticipated, has been an amazing experience, a really eye opening one that changes the mindset when shooting faces forever. I am really glad for taking the course as I believe you are one of the few photography artists fully driven by passion, dedication and taking photography to the next level, a real source of great inspiration!
Thank you Scotty and wish you will keep the same great passion and enthusiasm so others may benefit from your great teaching and knowledge sharing. Cheers & Ciao!!!


Thank you Scotty for such a great class! I learned so much & pushed myself into new territory. You’ve really started my creative juices flowing. You’re a great teacher & photographer, and I just want to thank you for sharing your knowledge. Looking forward to your Death Valley workshop next year.


Scotty, thank you for pushing me! I learned so much and now feel much more comfortable approaching people to photograph. Also, lighting makes much more sense to me…still trial and error but the reflector is as you say a must have with at all times! thank you again for your inspiration and at some point would love to do one of your workshops… Burma especially!
thanks again.


The last 4 weeks have been very inspiring and knowledgable. You have really stretched my mind and had me think out of the box. I loved your detailed critiques and the personal feel that came with them. Your photos are amazing, especially the monks!! Thank you for all your input. Perhaps you should teach a photoshop class too at ppsop – I’d love to learn more from you.
Thanks again and take care,


Scotty, This was an amazing class and you are an amazing instructor. Great Q&A interaction with other students – learned a lot from their questions. Great written materials, great equipment tips and super great critiques. It was stressful at times begging people to pose for me but I made it through four weeks and thank you for the “pep talk” in lesson 4 as it really helped.
Thanks again –


Scotty, I had a blast and learned so very much. I will highly recommend this to my friends. Take care. over and out from Down Under.


Hi Scotty,
Thank you for a wonderful class. Also thanks to all my fellow students who were just great and put up some awesome portraits and great Q&As. It is terrific when one is in a class where everyone is so enthusiastic and interested in learning. I think everyone in the class had a great time and this has been a most enjoyable four weeks.


I just want to thank you for an amazing class. You have me doing things I have never done before. You have me using the rear AF and I truly see a difference. I have learned so much in this class and your critiques are invaluable. Thank you for giving such detail in your critiques.


Scotty, you’ve been a really fun teacher and I’ve had such a great time in this class. I’m glad they managed to shoe-horn me in, as when I applied the class was full!
I feel that my confidence has grown so much over these past four weeks. I’m shooting images I’d never have thought of before.
What’s been particularly good is that the standard of the images has been so high. It’s inspired me and made me really think and raise my game. This class has been choc-full of lovely people :-).
My husband (who is a web-designer and programmer) wants to build me a website so that I can put my images on it. I would never have had the confidence to do this before taking this class but I’m seriously thinking about it now.
Thanks Scotty,


Scott I wanna take this opportunity to thank you. You have been a great teacher. Your enthusiasm, your fair and personalized critique and your sense of humor is much appreciated. You are an inspirational teacher. I sincere hope there will be a new Scotty class on BPSOP.


Another excellent photographer told me that this course and you, Scotty, would really inspire me from a creative point of view and would help me to further develop my own personal style and it has delivered in BUCKETFULS.
Scotty – What can I say?? BPSOP offers some wonderful courses and Understanding Exposure appears to be the most popular but this course (together with anything that Kathleen does), for me, rates right up there with it. I have had a fantastic 4 week trip with you and you have constantly inspired and encouraged us with fabulous lessons every week, very generous critiques and your constant good humor. The one thing which is perking me up no end is the promise of more courses/possible workshops with you.
The only things certain in life are death and taxes. But, one thing I am also certain about is that I am leaving this course a totally different photographer than 4 weeks ago.
Thank you so much!!!!


Hi Scotty, Just wanted to add my voice to all the others and to thank you for an extremely well presented and clear course! Took quite a few courses and maybe it is the timing but your course really made a difference in bringing together some of the separate elements previously learned and having that feeling that finally a lot of things are beginning to click and that YES feeling when you are doing a shoot!
Really hope you will teach more courses with ppsop.


Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this class, Scotty! Thanks for sharing such great information with us, motivating us, critiquing us, inspiring us and making the class so much fun for us!! I’ve learned so much from you and other members of the class as well. It’s been great!!
Hope that you’ll teach another class here at BPSOP so we can all meet again!