Hi! Welcome to my flower photography class, I’m glad you are here! I am anxious to get to know you, and to share with you how I do what I do. If you have any questions about the lessons, assignments, or about any of the lesson images, please ask!

    You can log in at BPSOP.com and click on My Courses on the right side bar menu to access / begin the course. If you have any issues with your username or password, please contact Michele, [email protected].

    If you have a few minutes and have not done so already, upload a couple of lines about yourself to the Student Introductions Forum page so we can all learn a bit about you and your photography. Also feel free to upload outtakes or additional photos for your classmates to see and comment on in the class Q and A. I hope you will comment on each other’s photos and ask lots of questions, interaction makes for a much better learning experience.

    Size your assignment images to around 1200px on the long side, at 72dpi. Always be sure the color profile is set to sRGB for uploads to the web or your colors will look muddy and not be true to the original. Be sure that your lens, aperture and shutter speed are listed.

    I’ll be expecting you to work your subjects, to compose and expose carefully, and to keep cropping to a minimal amount.  I’ll be doing your critiques on Mondays/Tuesdays.

    You have 10 days to complete each assignment, but if you are late with an assignment, don’t stress. I would rather wait to see your best possible work than have you rush to meet a deadline. My critiques might have to wait until the following week but I will critique the images, no matter how late you post.

    If you need to contact me privately for a non-photography issue, my e-mail is [email protected].

    My best,


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