Welcome to our session of Creative Photo Techniques class at BPSOP!

    It is a real pleasure to have you all here. We can’t wait to start this creative ride together with you, it will be fun, we promise!

    A little bit about ourselves – we are a photography family (Nikon-ists) and our photography interest is really wide. Where Patrik spends more of his time chasing light in the landscape, Monika really enjoys photographing portraits.

    But what brings us together is definitely a passion to explore new photo projects, play at home, in the garden or during our trips and try new, simple techniques, with WOW effect – so here we are, both together as your co-instructors.
    Please visit our forum and introduce yourselves there too, we are eager to get acquainted!

    So, take your camera, get ready to have a bit more messy household for the next four weeks and let’s have some real fun.

    Patrik and Monika

    PS: Your first lesson is already available as of yesterday – Friday…

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