iPhone Memories

The recent upgrade to the iPhone photos app has some fun additions to it which allow you to create professional looking multi-media videos right from your camera roll! Check out this great tutorial from BPSOP expert Holly Higbee- Jansen.

-BPSOP Instructor – Holly Higbee-Jansen

Holly Teaches:

iPhone Photography

Lightroom Quickstart

Get Closer

Just when you think you got the perfect shot, GET CLOSER! Bryan reveals how to use your feet to create something EPIC!

-BPSOP Founder – Bryan F Peterson

Bryan Teaches:

Understanding Exposure & Your DSLR

Understanding Color, Seeing Color & Composing Color

Understanding Close-Up Photography

Mastering Nikon Flash Photography

The Art of Seeing



This step-by-step tutorial examines one of the new features of Photoshop CS 5, content aware fill – most demos simply show the process. I show you how to really take advantage of content aware fill in a practical way using a real world scenario. Learn how to “trick” content aware fill into using just what you want to replace an unwanted element to get predictable results. Along the way I show how to “lock” layer transparency, create a lighting effect with the gradient tool and use the type tool with Layer Styles…

-BPSOP Instructor: Lee Varis

Lee Teaches:

Photoshop Layers Fundamentals: Selections, Masks, and Adjustments

Lightroom Quickstart Vlog

Learn how to get up and running FAST in Lightroom!

-BPSOP Instructor – Holly Higbee-Jansen

Holly Teaches:

Lightroom Quick Start

iPhone Photography

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