Finding the Milky Way


When? Where? What direction do I face??? These are a few of the questions you may be thinking to yourself when you walk outside to take an image of the Milky Way.

Watch as BPSOP instructor Mike Shaw answers your questions in detail to help you capture that breathtaking image of our universe!

-BPSOP Instructor- Mike Shaw

Mike Teaches: 

Star Trails & Night Photography

iPhone Memories

The recent upgrade to the iPhone photos app has some fun additions to it which allow you to create professional looking multi-media videos right from your camera roll! Check out this great tutorial from BPSOP expert Holly Higbee- Jansen.

-BPSOP Instructor – Holly Higbee-Jansen

Holly Teaches:

iPhone Photography

Lightroom Quickstart

Get Closer

Just when you think you got the perfect shot, GET CLOSER! Bryan reveals how to use your feet to create something EPIC!

-BPSOP Founder – Bryan F Peterson

Bryan Teaches:

Understanding Exposure & Your DSLR

Understanding Color, Seeing Color & Composing Color

Understanding Close-Up Photography

Mastering Nikon Flash Photography

The Art of Seeing



This step-by-step tutorial examines one of the new features of Photoshop CS 5, content aware fill – most demos simply show the process. I show you how to really take advantage of content aware fill in a practical way using a real world scenario. Learn how to “trick” content aware fill into using just what you want to replace an unwanted element to get predictable results. Along the way I show how to “lock” layer transparency, create a lighting effect with the gradient tool and use the type tool with Layer Styles…

-BPSOP Instructor: Lee Varis

Lee Teaches:

Photoshop Layers Fundamentals: Selections, Masks, and Adjustments

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  • "I have taken quite a few courses offered by BPSOP and learned so much from each one of them. All of your teachers are stellar. Brit Hammer's class and method of critiquing took me to another level, and I am so appreciative. The video format and her commitment and energy she puts into her students’ work is inspiring and makes you want to work that much harder to utilize her suggestions for improving your photographs." Read More
    Patricia Tedeschi - Galarneau Celebrate Your Life in Beautiful Images
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