Learn how to create film grain or noise the right way through Photoshop Layers with BPSOP instructor Lee Varis!

I thought I’d revisit the Noise in an Overlay layer technique to update it with some advanced “tweaks.” Learn how to use the Noise filter effectively as well as save noise or other textures in “Patterns.” Finally, see how to create a rough stone texture using the Clouds filter.

-BPSOP Instructor: Lee Varis

Lee Teaches:

Photoshop Layers Fundamentals: Selections, Masks, and Adjustments

The Secret Weapons of Night Photography

Learn how to make your night images POP with some great post-processing tips from Mike Shaw! Mike teaches you how to use Camera Raw to obtain the effects you want!

-BPSOP Instructor: Mike Shaw

Mike Teaches:

Star Trails & Night Photography

Photo Tip: Content Aware Crop Tool

Watch how Kathleen Clemons reveals some great Photoshop tips! Learn how to utilize the content aware crop tool!

-BPSOP Instructor- Kathleen Clemons

Kathleen Teaches: 

Capturing the Beauty of Flowers

Fine Art Nature Photography 

Fine Art Nature Photography II

Fine Art Nature Photography III

Lensbaby Magic 


Photo Critique Friday

Thank you to all of the participants who have submitted images to our free online photo critiques this year! We truly enjoy viewing your images! We will continue the critique summer 2017.

This week we are featuring critiques from our BPSOP instructor Bobbi Lane. Let’s take a look at what she has to say about your work!

Bobbie Lane’s Photo Critique:


Photos Critiqued

"Another Day at the Office" By: Manny Roman

“Another Day at the Office” By: Manny Roman

"Family Reunion" By: Anne K Yatteau

“Family Reunion” By: Anne K Yatteau

"Sitting Pretty" By: Cindy Wiltse

“Sitting Pretty” By: Cindy Wiltse

"Tired Mom Needs a Break" By: Marion Esposito

“Tired Mom Needs a Break” By: Marion Esposito

"November at Rainbow Falls" By: Rachel Epstein

“November at Rainbow Falls” By: Rachel Epstein

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  • "I have had so much fun learning exposure from you guys. Learning is one thing, but gaining the confidence in your abilities is also very important. Through your teachings, Q&A area, and critical evaluations, I have not only learned, but have truly gained confidence in shooting. Thanks! You guys are the best!" Read More
    Sandi Understanding Exposure
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