How do you find a strong composition?

The answer is to apply the concept of minimalism.

Minimalism leads you to strong images by embracing these three concepts:

  1. Simplicity
  2. Breathing room
  3. Free of clutter

When applied to photography, minimalism is the point at which an image would fall apart if any element is removed or pushed out of frame.

This is how you get your image in the sweet spot.


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The key to finding the sweet spot

If minimalism leads to an image’s sweet spot, then how do you find it?

The secret is to ask this question: How far can you go until the image falls apart?

The only way to to know…is to go beyond that point…using a systematic approach.



Hone in on the sweet spot

The systematic approach to finding the sweet spot is through iteration.

Each iteration moves you either closer — or further away — from the sweet spot.

The trick is to identify what is working and what is not.

Keep in mind that every scene offers you multiple minimalist images, not just one or two.

Once you understand how to find the sweet spot, you can apply it to every genre of photography.



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The question will guide you to the sweet spot

With practice you’ll know right away when you hit the sweet spot.

So remember to ask the question:

How far can you go until your image falls apart? How much can you remove until the image becomes boring?

This is how you arrive at a strong composition.



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In Finding Beauty  you’ll learn how to find the sweet spot and capture the essence of any scene.

The emphasis in this course is on seeing and capturing images in-camera.

Use any camera — even your phone! No post-processing skills are needed.

The course material is richly illustrated with case studies in many photography genres.


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What Bryan says about instructor Brit Hammer

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Finding Beauty

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** No post processing skills necessary for any of Brit’s courses **



Brit Hammer is an international award-winning photographer, bestselling author, and a celebrated artist whose work is aptly described as fresh and optimistic.

Brit’s students love her intuitive eye, patience, enthusiasm and holistic nurturing because the results are unbelievably incredible and inspiring student growth.

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