It’s well known in the business of stock photography, that photographs of news worthy subjects sell and sometimes very well. It’s important for outdoor photographers to create images the markets will want.

Paparazzi’s for example, have been known to make a fortune capturing images of celebrities in ‘news making’ situations. With some foresight and good ideas, so can nature photographers.

Many Outdoor photographers shoot a variety of subjects that have to do with the outdoors, nature, and how humans interact with the outdoors, but often they lack that news making ingredient. Many of those images often languish waiting for a buyer, if there ever is one. There is already a huge glut in superb imagery of most outdoor subjects.

Taking note of what’s in the news related to anything outdoors such as nature, the environment, and even the politics surrounding all of it, can be quite profitable. So if you are wondering what to shoot here is one idea that I believe would do well in todays markets: Global Warming and I am going to show one image I created in just a moment.

There is really nothing new here when shooting stock photos of concepts. It’s just the times have changed some. My stock agents suggested 25 years ago that we shoot ‘pollution’ and ‘green’ and the ‘environment’ so as I ventured across the lower 48 in my pickup camper for two years where I photographed the parks and scenery, I also captured the smokestacks, river pollution, livestock feed lots, and anything I could put in front of the camera that said ‘pollution’ and ‘environment.’

Charlie Borland has been a professional photographer for over to 30 years. Based in Oregon, he shoots both locally and nationally for a wide range of corporate, advertising, and editorial clients. He has won numerous awards for his photography and for 7 years in a row he received recognition and awards for annual reports he has photographed.

Charlie has also been actively involved in shooting and selling stock photography throughout his career and operated a stock photo agency for 8 years before merging with Definitive/FPG and later Getty Images.

His stock, nature, and adventure imagery has been used thousands of times worldwide, including over 1000 calendar credits: National Geographic Adventure and Traveler, Outside, Women’s Sport and Fitness, Newsweek, TV Guide, CIO, Sports Illustrated for Women, Time, Backpacker, Sunset, American Photo, Outdoor Photographer, Eco Traveler, Southern Bell, and many more. Charlie shares his knowledge through various editorial articles in Outdoor Photographer, Pro Nature Photographer, Currents Magazine, Digital Photography School, and more. He teaches workshops and classes where he is an enthusiastic instructor and leader whose passion and experience for outdoor and stock photography leave many inspired and highly motivated.

-Charlie Borland

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