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Understanding Exposure and Your DSLR

Without question, the most popular course ever taught on the Internet! Based in part on Bryan's worldwide best selling book-Understanding Exposure, each weekly lesson unravels the often confusing and intimidating world of exposure.

Instructors: Bryan Peterson / Chris Hurtt

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The Art of Seeing

How do you see the world around you? Do you often see what others miss or are you inclined to miss what others see? You are not alone if the art of seeing has escaped you! As is often the case, most have no idea how to interpret the world around them.

Instructors: Bryan Peterson / Chris Hurtt

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landscape_photo_tip When we all start out on our photography adventure one of the first lessons we learn is what time of day to shoot and the advice is always early morning or late afternoon light is always the best times to shoot for it is when the light is at it's
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Split Rock Sky Wheels As the earth rotates about its axis, everything in the sky – the sun, moon, stars all appear to move across the sky. For observers in the northern hemisphere, this rotation is why the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Similarly at night, stars rise in the Read More
All of us get into an editing rut from time to time. One reason might be that we never really form a decisive reason for creating photographs. It’s like a thing we have to do – which unfortunately results in a lot of seemingly pointless editing. ColourBlackWhite If you have a specific Read More
​Imagine having a beautiful photostream showing the people, events, and things that are most important to you.​ What would that look like? The "Celebrate Your Life in Beautiful Images" two-part course explores these three questions: 1. How do you want your life to look? 2. What do you want more
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