In Finding Beauty we approach creating quiet, minimalist images from several different directions.

One of the ways is by creating breathing room, which is not necessarily the same as negative space.

How do you create breathing room?

Finding a quiet image in a busy scene often means to choose one specific subject and to find a way to isolate it. Some of the ways of doing that are:

  1. Move around the subject until the background is clean.
  2. Frame tighter….but not too tightly.
  3. Change image orientation (or aspect ratio).
  4. Take a step back and zoom in.
  5. Use a shallow depth of field.

Examples of quiet images

Below are examples of quiet images from some of the students in the Finding Beauty class.

What ideas can you glean from these to apply to your own photography?


“Brit taught me to look for ways to distinguish and distill the qualities that define the beauty I see until what I am left with is a minimalist expression of that beauty. Great class!” — Dorothy Rosenbladt


“Brit urges students to make images mindfully, to strip away the non-essential to find beauty in detail and simplicity. She urges us to go further and find beauty lurking in another part of the image. Her critiques are delivered with care, kindness  and understanding of the level of skill of the student.” — Anne Forbes


“I had never given much thought to negative space or to finding pictures inside of a picture. My eyes are open to so many new ideas.”— Ann Kern




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Brit Hammer is an international award-winning photographer, bestselling author, and a celebrated artist whose work has aptly been called “fresh and optimistic”.

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