Start thinking about shooting in a series

In Authentic Photo Stories we capture real life and make it look beautiful.

We also create a series of images that together tell a story.

Images are shot on the fly, yet when put together they also tell a coherent story.


Lifestyle photography

Lifestyle photography is about creating natural, relaxed photos.

The trick to telling a story in a series is to shoot enough of the right kinds of images.

You might then show two or more images in a composited storyboard created in Adobe Spark or other software.

Lifestyle photography is where the technical aspects of photography intersect with narration skills.


Narrative storytelling

Narrative storytelling is a version of “this happened, then that happened, and this other thing happened next.”

You can think of this way of storytelling like a comic strip whereby each frame reveals a piece of information.

It is by putting together the frames that a story unfolds.

Below are examples of narrative stories created by students in the March class of Authentic Photo Stories.

Images: Beth Harris


Images: Don Boys


Images: Stephanie Weustink-Wright


Associative storytelling

In this way of storytelling the brain tries to create a story from different subjects or scenes.

The below examples were shot by a some students of the March class of Authentic Photo Stories.



Images: Beth Harris


Images: ShoB


Images: Bernard Bedard


Images: Don Boys

What stories will you tell with your images?

Join the next class of Authentic Photo Stories to find out!

This course takes you beyond just taking a snapshot of your day. Learn how to capture a slice of life in a beautiful series of images.

You might also learn that you already have several great photo stories in your image library that you missed seeing!

Use any camera, even your phone. No post processing is necessary.




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